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LTD Baritone user reviews

  • LTD VB-400

    LTD VB-400 - "Alternative to a 7 string"


    This is a baritone version of the Viper 400. With this guitar you can get the deep tones of a 7 string with the familiar feel of a 6 string. Also being a 6 string it gives you more pickup and hardware options. This guitar is an LTD which is the budge…

  • LTD MHB-200

    LTD MHB-200 - "ESP LTD MHB-200 Baritone Guitar"


    I get it in some kind of e-bay web site, ´cause I wanted to play different tones, and i paid about $300 USD I love the entire guitar, the shape of the body, the weigth is cool, it has EMG HZ, these guys can bring your house down the distortion is a…

  • LTD VB-200

    LTD VB-200 - " surprising"


    baritone guitar with most features, the wood of the body is agathis but the pickups have been changed by the person I bought it, and this dear gentleman had the brilliant idea to mount seymour duncan blackouts UTILIZATION sleeve: very good, not f…

  • LTD MHB-400

    LTD MHB-400 - PierLCD's review


    The characteristics are well described in the previous opinion, not much to add. Note however that the configuration micro-architecture is classical (quasi-extended to the whole range LTD and other brands too), the personality of the guitar is not…

  • LTD MHB-400

    LTD MHB-400 - nefas's review


    _Guitare Baritone (tuning in Si), cut ESP Horizon, like all the LTD is made in Korea. _Corps Handle and Rabl. _24 Frets, shooting 10/56 GHS, pitch 27 ", with a microwave bridge and a cot EMG81 EMG85 cot set. Gotoh Tune o Matic _Chevalet / strin…

  • LTD VB-200

    LTD VB-200 - mathew_bellamy77's review


    It's a pretty small scratches made by our friends the zamairikain! It is a pretty p'tit body (choose red or black) 3-piece mahogany and maple ... more ... I dunno! It includes 27 "baritone like any self-respecting model of 24XJ (I'm sure it cleared y…

  • LTD VB-400

    LTD VB-400 - seb01's review


    BARITONE-guitar, tuning factory in SI (12-56 shooting) Scale-27 " -Guitar made in Korea, like many California brands, (Esp the factories are in Japan!) -24 Boxes, EMG 81 active, 3-position selector knob + 2 (Volume and Tone) Grover-Mcaniques …