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mathew_bellamy77 03/03/2005

LTD VB-200 : mathew_bellamy77's user review


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It's a pretty small scratches made by our friends the zamairikain! It is a pretty p'tit body (choose red or black) 3-piece mahogany and maple ... more ... I dunno! It includes 27 "baritone like any self-respecting model of 24XJ (I'm sure it cleared you bcp!) There are a volume knob, one tone knob and a switch for 3 microphones! Vala


The handle is quite charming as the perfect size but I confess long enough to have a little trouble getting used to, because the absence of a large round too long ..... the grave and you end up retaining a yer has scratches all wars before it shatters on the floor ...! You tell me ... ... for what it weighs! If the tuning is flexible but would really good!
You can access all the notes with ease which is very pleasant!
The sound is delicious and easy to get out of this is perfect!


It's fine whatever kind of music you made! for classical and everything is perfectly soft crystal-clear sound and very precisely adjusted, personally I use a Laney Hardcore amp and the sound is very refined yet! for the distortion it will direct strong ... to find the sound you want it may be that you had to beat a time with your switches and your little buttons! if the bending is very easy but not easy to make too often accidental! Only problem ... if you want a big get really fuzzy distortion ca ... with the 6th string (here a string SI and not MI) and low intermingle sometimes it can be ... annoying ... Obviously being Snake's guitar (a word to the wise from a wild scratches in expert hands) are played easily Skinlab and all that is apparent ... provided it was necessary to have a baritone!


I have now for 3 months and a half and yet still I love so much! it is great because it's absolutely enchanting aun in sweet melodies and yet will make the museum or slipknot is ca .... YAHOO! Obviously you will be reluctant plain avecv other baritone before buying one but if I can advise you try and esp epiphone who still sound .... particular the other! Now the price is what it is ... 800francs a Swiss (about € 530) we are waiting to have a hell of a after sales service and a convenient delivery time ... mafois ltd have over subsidiaries in Switzerland j'me have ended up waiting 4 months and a half until you have ... . May be that the french have better luck! In any case this choice is a good choice and if you buy it you can be happy to use it and you are sure to get what you want of that little animal happiness! then good friends and scratching VIVE MUSE! hehe!