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LTD Signature user reviews

  • LTD MP-600

    LTD MP-600 - "Great, but not versatile"


    Which amplifier and/or effect(s) do you use with this guitar? So far, as I’ve already sold my previous amp and still have to get a new one, I’ve only used it with a virtual guitar stack, plugging the guitar straight into my audio interface. I may …

  • LTD GUS-600EC

    LTD GUS-600EC - "The other Gus G. signature"


    Gus G has been doing it beg recently. Now that he has joined Ozzy it seems every week there is a new piece of Gus G hardware. This is the other Gus G signature ESP. The main one that everyone knows is his ESP Gus G. NT with the old school star body s…

  • LTD DV8-R

    LTD DV8-R - "Good for Megadeth fans."


    Made in Korea Contruction/Scale: Neck-thru-body / 25.5 in. Body: Mahogany Neck/Fretboard: Mahogany/Rosewood Dave Mustaine custom fretboard profile Inlays: 8-ball on first fret + dots Pickups: Seymour Duncan JB (bridge) + Jazz (neck) Electronic…

  • LTD GUS-600NT

    LTD GUS-600NT - "Gus G signature"


    This is ESP guitars Gus G signature guitar. Gus G is the guitar player for Firewind and currently plays guitar for Ozzy Osborn as well. The shape of this guitar is a tribute to 80s guitars and old school Japanese guitars. This guitar is very well equ…

  • LTD KH-602

    LTD KH-602 - "Best LTD Kirk Hammett sig"


    LTD is ESP's budget line of guitars. These guitars are made outside of Japan and come with much lower costs than their fully ESP branded brothers. That does not mean these guitars are bad though. They pretty much come with all the same specs that the…

  • LTD JH-600

    LTD JH-600 - "Pretty good considering"


    This guitar is a lot closer to the actual signature model that Jeff uses. In fact, it's very close to the normal ESP one, and it's a great deal for those looking for a quality guitar without the huge price tag. The guitar features an alder body (we…

  • LTD JH-200

    LTD JH-200 - "Not that great"


    When people think of Slayer, they normally think of Kerry King. That's a bit unfortunate as most people who know Slayer know that Jeff Hanneman is one hell of a guitar player, and he deserves a lot more credit than he's given. This is a lower end v…

  • LTD GL-500K

    LTD GL-500K - "Not bad for the price"


    Since George Lynch is a pretty big figure in the ESP world, it's only natural he'd have his own LTD version of his guitar. This one is a bit different from the actual sig one, so keep that in mind if you want to get his exact tone. The guitar featu…

  • LTD JH-600

    LTD JH-600 - "Slayer Signature"


    This is the newer version of the Jeff Hanneman signature. This is the LTD version. LTD is ESP's budget line of guitars which are made outside of Japan. Since these guitars are made outside of Japan they are much cheaper than ESP's Japan models even t…

  • LTD HEX-7

    LTD HEX-7 - "Behemoth of a 7 string"


    Nergal is the frontman for the popular blackened death metal band Behemoth. He has a signature ESP 7 string guitar and this is the LTD version of that guitar. LTD is ESP's budget line. The guitars offer much of the same specs but are built outside of…