LTD KH-202
LTD KH-202

KH-202, STC-Shaped Guitar from LTD in the Kirk Hammett series.

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kevlesurvivant 05/17/2005

LTD KH-202 : kevlesurvivant's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
MODEL made in Korea.
Included 24 cases with "skulls & bones", 2 EMG-HZ H4 humbuckers.
3 knobs: 2 volumes + 1 tone, 3 slcteur positions (bridge, bridge + neck, neck).
Bolt thin enough!


Channel trs enjoyable one leaves the notes easily.
Access in acute easier.
The solos leave no problem!


I play mainly Metallica and I get a big fat one disto have no problem!
While the pickups are passive but even good when they tear!
With the neck pickup gives a very sharp sound and well saturated with the other two positions are obtained slecteur sounds fatter and more but less saturated lours!
In short, I m'clate MetallicA playing without problem, you still even remember that it is a MODEL of Hammett (Metallica guitarist)!


I use it for a week, what I like is the shape of the guitar neck with the head reversed, and also kills a head dead!!
I tried a jackson DKMG a 875 euros (with EMG HZ) and the sound is like that, I also tried an Epiphone Les Paul and I my sound a little better.
The report is excellent and I qualitprix remake that choice without hsitez!