LTD KH-202
LTD KH-202

KH-202, STC-Shaped Guitar from LTD in the Kirk Hammett series.

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matz 07/22/2004

LTD KH-202 : matz's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Has this little gem made in Korea. 24 frets, 2 EMG-HZ humbuckers 4. switch 3 positions + 3 knobs: volume and 2 tone. Bridge ESP licensed floyd rose. Handle typical ESP c - d flat and comfortable for fast and effective solos. The most excellent, the heads of dead on the sleeve, the concert is!

Corenne guitars are better quality than that produced in China or Taiwan. is well worth a Mexican Fender.


The neck is perfect, I test all types of guitar: Epiphone LP and explore, Fender Highway 1 strato ... and this is by far the most effective. Access in acute is also excellent. Its weight is heavier than Ibanez, but this is only unimportant dtail. I bought a strap wider compensated for. Push out the guitar body.

Once a branch is pure bliss. The power is to go - you.


The opinion is subjective because I played on a Behringer V-Ampire boost and distortion of amliore I think the sound of the pickups (passive) in distortion.

This is the most versatile guitar I've ever played. I play mostly heavy metal and sometimes funk Oldschool.

To clean, it's a real DLIC, adding a touch of gain, a slap as much as the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 40 watt bulbs I had before. I use a lot of effects like chorus, delay, auto-wah for funk ....

For the saturated wouaw the killing, I use simulation Mesa Dual Rectifier and neck position: the sound is powerful, the big prcis Manir Metallica. The palm mute is Esquis and sustain is correct. Bridge position, the sound is a bit too serious and less prcis my taste.

The floyd is effective and is much agreement.


I ordered from Thomann only 545. It's worth the price quality ratio is excellent. I tried the Ibanez and Jacksons. In the end, and j'hsitait between DKMG it. I have small fingers and I found the ESP more comfortable.

Students view a limited budget I do it again because this choice without hsit is by far the best guitar in its class. ESP really good job of trs. I use it for two weeks, + / - 1 hour a day and I have not had a problem. the floyd is good even though I abused pretty well and the tuning stays in place.

I think buying the 203 KH complter to my collection.