Malekko user reviews

  • Malekko Goatkeeper

    Malekko Goatkeeper - "From Simple Tremolo to Complex Sequence-Type Patterns"


    SOUND: The Goatkeeper is rather quiet, even when combined with a high-gain amplifier (there isn’t too much ‘swooshing’ in the background when not playing, which you often hear with tremolo-type pedals). Also, the quality of the effect is rather exce…

  • Malekko Ekko 616

    Malekko Ekko 616 - "From Quiet to Chaotic"


    A Brief History of Bucket Brigade Delay effects have been produced by different means for over 50 years, from physical tape manipulation to "delay in a box" units of all shapes and sizes. Short, gritty slapback delays can be heard throughout coun…

  • Malekko Plus Ultra 213

    Malekko Plus Ultra 213 - "Doom tone in a box"


    This is an old school Fuzz pedal if you cant tell by the 70s car on the case. Malekko Heavy Industry is a pedal company out of Portland Oregon in the USA. They special in old school boutique pedals with cool names. This pedal is the Plus Ultra 213 a…

  • Malekko Omicron Vibrato

    Malekko Omicron Vibrato - moosers's review


    The Malekko Heavy Industry Vibrato is a mini pedal for electric guitar. I believe it's an analog pedal but I'm not 100% sure on this. The pedal has 1/4" inputs and outputs and can be powered by either a 9 or 12 volt battery. Malekko recommend usin…

  • Malekko Omicron Trem

    Malekko Omicron Trem - "still not sure about this one"


    This is a very affordable vibrato pedal that I recently tried for a few days. It has analog technology and only has the simple 1/4" input and output. There are no MIDI or Computer editing capabilities. UTILIZATION The editing of this effect is q…

  • Malekko Spring Chicken

    Malekko Spring Chicken - "Beautiful spring reverb" has images


    - One simple knob for “cluck” - High quality components - Top notch Malekko construction, hand soldered - True Bypass - Powered by 9v battery or standard Boss style adapter - Purple LED indicator - Discontinued and rare - Compact - Killer gra…

  • Malekko Ekko 616

    Malekko Ekko 616 - "The Best Analog Delay for the Money!" has images


    - 650 milliseconds of delay time - Controls for speed, volume, and feedback (labelled: time, mix, regen) - Switchable true/buffered bypass - Switchable modulation (controls for speed, depth) - Powered by 9v DC (-) input, or 9v battery. Dr…

  • Malekko Omicron Trem

    Malekko Omicron Trem - moosers's review


    The Malekko Heavy Industry Trem is a super small tremolo pedal suitable for use with all electronic instruments but designed for electric guitar. The pedal is an analog one, consisting of 1/4" jacks for input and output and runs of a standard nine v…

  • Malekko Chicklet

    Malekko Chicklet - moosers's review


    The Malekko Heavy Industry Chicklet Reverb is a super slim guitar effects pedal. It's definitely the smallest reverb pedal I've seen, hence the name "chicklet." I guess there are a few different pedals of this size in this series, but to date the on…

Translated user reviews
  • Malekko Omicron Spring

    Malekko Omicron Spring - " The Serious .. !!"


    A simple reverb ... UTILIZATION Two well progressifs..c'est nickel knobs .. SOUND QUALITY This pedal is surprisingly filled his role well .. Perfect if you are looking for a "spring reverb" and nothing more ... of course !! OVERALL OPINIO…