Malekko Spring Chicken
Malekko Spring Chicken

Spring Chicken, Reverb for Guitar from Malekko.

benoi31 05/01/2013

Malekko Spring Chicken : benoi31's user review

«  Very good reverb »

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The spring chicken is a typical spring reverb, with an output jack, a power jack, and a jack to connect an expression pedal.
It can be fed by 9V battery (which, however, requires removing the pedal because there is no door), or via a conventional power supply.
It is true bypass, fully analog.


Configuration is very simple, in fact it has only one potentiometer available, "clock"
It is very progressive, and varies greatly in intensity of reverb.


This effect is really really excellent!
This is one of the best reverb pedals I've heard, very hot, very typical surf / psyche, reverb years old 60/70 right out of the American wilderness.
The best is to listen to the samples available on the net.
At 12pm we have a good long reverb, and much can be achieved very psychedelic sounds typed Jefferson airplane or black angels.

The only drawback is the loss of active when the pedal volume, you need a little fiddling with the knob on your guitar or a boost to maintain constant volume.

Otherwise, no complaints, a terrible sound!


I use it for about 8 months.
This is a very good buy for those like me who do not have integrated their reverb amp or whose quality is very low.
Unfortunately, it is rare, but it can sometimes find the correct price, and given the quality of the sound, it's really worth it.
Caution is far from a reverb "wet" type, it is very hot, typical spring. You must love, I love!