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denied 04/27/2011

Malekko Ekko 616 : denied's user review

« The Best Analog Delay for the Money! »

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- 650 milliseconds of delay time

- Controls for speed, volume, and feedback (labelled: time, mix, regen)

- Switchable true/buffered bypass

- Switchable modulation (controls for speed, depth)

- Powered by 9v DC (-) input, or 9v battery. Draws 200 mA of current

- Internal gain/volume trimpot


Malekko has done an excellent job packing an impressive array of features into a compact pedal that is simple to use. Everything is clearly labelled, sturdily built, and intuitive to control. It will work with standard boss style adapters which is very convenient.

That said, the controls are very sensitive (true analog circuitry), and will take a little while to get used to and dial in.

It is well built with high quality components (jacks and plugs are top notch), and in my experience, Josh at Malekko is happy to help you out in the event that any issues arise.


The consistency of sound quality is the most impressive aspect of this pedal. I've used it with both high gain amps (in the loop) as well as in front of cleaner vintage fenders, with single coils, humbuckers and soapbar pickups. The 616 is very difficult to clip out, and is a great analog delay for pretty much any setup.

This delay will not deliver perfect repeats, if that is what you are after, look into something digital. On the other hand, it does produce warm and organic echos that will disintegrate gradually in a very musical way.

My one issue with the pedal is the ease with which it can be sent into wild oscillation. Some players like the crazy sounds it can produce, but I found it wasn't very useful in most types of music. The modulation controls are similarly sensitive, they sound fantastic at lower levels, but get wild very easily. That said, once it is dialed in to optimum settings, it sounds fantastic.


Overall, for the relatively low price these can be found for, it is unbeatable. I have yet to find a similarly priced delay that will sound this good, and I have been through many.

The 616 sounds great with any setup, is packed full of features, and is very easy to use. Aside from a few delicate control issues, it is fantastic.

It will not sound as lush as some higher end delays, but gets you pretty close without breaking the bank.

Highly recommended.

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