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Stagg Mandolins user reviews

  • Stagg M40 S

    Stagg M40 S - " Good for the price!"


    Made in China, the quality is good, nothing fancy but it does the trick! The lifts are not extraordinarily accurate but they keep tuning without worries. UTILIZATION This is my first mandolin so I do not have a notice used to, but after dropping …

  • Stagg M20

    Stagg M20 - lapiculteur's review


    I do not know what country it's made, I think in China? UTILIZATION Then, the handle? Well, not so bad, not too late but is doing okay. ergonomics? Yes, things are going well, it is light but not unpleasant access to acute? it's pretty bad bu…

  • Stagg M30

    Stagg M30 - mateopero's review


    Made by Stagg, Belgian brand. I do not know what a developing country it was made. Height adjustable easel. Cordier basic metal, covered with a tin cover, but decorative. Acceptable level of finish: the visual aspect is nice, quality pieces of ha…

  • Stagg M50E

    Stagg M50E - harald11's review


    Chinese-made, which is not necessarily pejorative .. but here, though. not too ugly to watch, as it does not hand over, wood crate, micro indigent, inept mechanical .. UTILIZATION This thing takes the characteristics of a current model mandoli…

  • Stagg M50E

    Stagg M50E - Hellmasterdeadman's review


    China Construction, medium quality microphone if not mdiocre. The construction is relatively well be over for the Chinese, and having held a mandolin in my hands Epiphone (jou and above) I am surprised that for a price diffrence if standard, there is…

  • Stagg M50E

    Stagg M50E - ddn's review


    It's pure Chinese is a bluegrass mandolin 8 strings (4x2) fairly standard, which aims to close the fender, wooden box mch fawn with a nut in toilet paper and an easel made with handles esquimeau gervais (dyed s black, even when) rglages two, a …