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Hellmasterdeadman 08/15/2007

Stagg M50E : Hellmasterdeadman's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
China Construction, medium quality microphone if not mdiocre. The construction is relatively well be over for the Chinese, and having held a mandolin in my hands Epiphone (jou and above) I am surprised that for a price diffrence if standard, there is not really Difference.

- Electro-ACOUSTIC MANDOLIN - Electro-Acoustic Bluegrass

- Top: Nato
- Back & Sides: Linden
- Neck: Nato
- Fingerboard: Rosewood
- Bridge: Saddle dyed black, adjustable
- Cordier: Carved Mtal chrombr />
- Mcaniques: standard, chrome
- Oues: cls 2 in F
- Prampli liabilities: 1
- Electronic: 1x Single coil PU + 1x Volume & 1 Tone
- Color: Red bross


The handle is quite enjoyable to play. One can easily navigate on the handle.

As said prcdament, it is lgre, pear shape makes a good game as sitting with a strap.

For the price I expected her to have a crappy ... effectively as he does dj says the microphone is not of Phra Di Marzio pickups or other good! but the sound of the mandolin made by induction or electret microphone trs really going well.


I play Black Metal, it fits for all typs folk interludes NEP, do with the distortion it goes quite well too!

I also kind of Irish Celtic Folk and country and bluegrass songs like pirates. It should these styles.


While it's not a mandolin luthier renamed. For the price you have no right to complain unless such Previous notice, the person falls on a specially MODEL dsaccord that easily ... but as the common saying goes:

"With a mandolin, you Spend half the time tuning it, and the Other half playing out of tune" (with a mandoline, you spend half the time the grant, and the other half playing dsaccord )

With time and practice I noticed that this is true on all mandolins ... almost.

I think it's a great mandolin for this price. MODEL I tested the "high end" so to speak, always with stagg, lgrement is more expensive, but does not micro, and it is not a loss, but the sound is really good!

for those looking for a small price mandolin, Stagg would be a good choice. APRS discussion with six stores, it suffers Epiphone s'avre that usually handle such problem, the stagg ... I do not regret pasmon choice, and I'll probably buy the only sound MODEL! (M40s)