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harald11 01/12/2008

Stagg M50E : harald11's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Beginners
Chinese-made, which is not necessarily pejorative .. but here, though.

not too ugly to watch, as it does not hand over, wood crate, micro indigent, inept mechanical ..


This thing takes the characteristics of a current model mandolin, so usability is not bad, necessarily .. for weight, it can not be much lighter, except to use polystyrene .. (Which it is? Ah ben here, I understand better.)

after a good hour trying to grant more or less correctly (farting in a rope, as one of my comrades below ..) we get a very ugly sound, like a wire stretched across a shoebox ..


In acoustics, it is narrow, nasal, a narrowly unmanageable .. and trendy, it's worse.

the microphone generates more noise than sound and he managed to ring my EAR as a transistor battery .. in short we quickly toured the possibilities of the contraption ..


In fact, I had bought a few years ago a stagg acoustic model better, very decent for the price and in any case very well to start without spending a fortune or be disgusted with the instrument .. so I wanted to stick a little mandolin on some of my small components, and seeing this stuff on the internet at 75 euros, I fell right into the trap, thinking a bargain .. in total, I should have to pay me for 500 balls Carambars, the horror has returned to his box and I dropped the mandolin for 2 years.

Fortunately I have since invested in a small fender electro entry-level, three times more expensive certainly, but incomparably better, certainly more than enough for my game rather crude (mainly chords and melodic lines).

in short, is the kind of crap we can buy on the internet, which is understandable, and certainly contributes in large part to sales of the brand thanks to the naive like me ( I did not say not to con vex others.)

This is especially unfortunate that Stagg also makes instruments very correct, just more expensive. when they make an effort not to cum in the mouth of the customer ..
Is what I would do this choice? In principle no, but in the meantime I have redone with an oud to 100 euros that I farted in literally hands on first use (plus I got negative feedback on Ebay because I complained. .) In short, when one is con ..