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AEA Microphones user reviews

  • AEA R84

    AEA R84 - "Loving this ribbon mic"


    The AEA R84 is a large ribbon microphone that comes with a carrying case and cost less than 1000 dollars. The AEA R84 is more of an do it all type of microphone, it can be used for almost anything , it has a very natural sound because of the 8 figure…

  • AEA Stereo Protractor

    AEA Stereo Protractor - moosers's review


    The AEA Stereo Protractor is a device for setting up two microphones in an XY position or something closely similar. It's 6 inches in length and has two mounts for two separate microphones. It has degrees labeled right on it so you can see at what …

  • AEA R84

    AEA R84 - moosers's review


    The AEA R84 is a large diaphragm ribbon microphone.  It should only be used in the recording studio, as is the case with all ribbon microphones since it is so fragile.  The mic has a figure eight polar pick up pattern and comes with the swivel mount …

Translated user reviews
  • AEA R84

    AEA R84 - " TAPE AND 48V"


    Micro Excelent OVERALL OPINION Just one comment because we often read, as is the case in the notice below, that we should not use the 48v with ribbon mics on pain of ruining it. It is true that this was the case when the microphones were asymme…

  • AEA R84

    AEA R84 - "Best in its price range."


    The AEA R84 ribbon microphone is a passive (watch out for ghosts at 48v!), The original model was built by RCA in the 40/50, is a contemporary of RCA 44 (also reprinted as the AEA 44 ). It is a micro "general purpose". Unlike the static and movi…

  • AEA R84

    AEA R84 - " EXCELLENT!"


    Looking at the curve of the microphone, you know what awaits you! no surprise, then, are the acute 'back'! that's the curve! but it does not show you is that this microphone delivers an extraordinary natural uptake, incomparable. Everything is just, …

  • AEA R84

    AEA R84 - " Super good mic!"


    It is perfect for the catch of electric guitar, but also for the body of an acoustic guitar in addition to a small-diaphragm microphone. Percussion of thunder! Also on the Shakers no more bad resonance in the treble. The sound is soft as velvet). Th…

  • AEA R84

    AEA R84 - sound sculpteur's review


    Micro ribbon versatile: Drums, percussion, brass, vocals, guitars ... Fabulous for recovering the envelope of good voice even very high and medium frequencies. Superb ambience mic for drums. Magic m / s for making guitar for example. Beautifully…

  • AEA R84

    AEA R84 - toots's review


    Dynamic microphone ribbon. For technical specifications see the test performed by "Recording Musician" NOTICE GLOBAL Professional (I'm a musician and composer and possde my own studio) I use it for two years notemment on acoustic instruments su…