hd project 12/13/2010

AEA R84 : hd project's user review

«  Super good mic! »

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It is perfect for the catch of electric guitar, but also for the body of an acoustic guitar in addition to a small-diaphragm microphone. Percussion of thunder! Also on the Shakers no more bad resonance in the treble. The sound is soft as velvet).
This restores the micro heat anything aggressive and tight! It is also interesting female voices that have a lot of "s". By boosting the 5K and 10K in eq we get a nice result without aggressiveness. This last use is only my opinion if you like very big voice that can be found in the productions rnb go your way ...

This mic is not much treble so it is interesting on all that lack of roundness.
ATTENTION breath, it has a low output, do not expect to have fine results with a preamp that does not grow a minimum 70db! Neve registered or equivalent.


The +

-Hot! hot! hot!
-Transients are soft
- Very nice well designed low medium without excessive resonance when placed correctly
- The sound typical ribbons
- 8-directionality useful for taking ms with a heart

The -

Little treble (but I'm fan of: a micro = a specific use)
- Blows a lot: you need a preamp that follows behind otherwise you'll get no benefit from its potential.

So, if you like ribbon mics in this price range go for it!