egemathieu 05/14/2011

AEA R84 : egemathieu's user review


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Looking at the curve of the microphone, you know what awaits you! no surprise, then, are the acute 'back'! that's the curve! but it does not show you is that this microphone delivers an extraordinary natural uptake, incomparable. Everything is just, natural! I use it as it is without pushing a portion of the audio spectrum! if that does not fit, I change microphone! but I must admit that there may situations where it is inappropriate (yes there are). I do not agree with the word 'breath' of a rating! it's true he has a low sensitivity and 70dB of gain are needed! but with a good preamp, you will not blow over with another microphone! it's more expensive! I have a Vintech v72 and it's a fabulous combination. It is always very good with my pre-amp TC Konnekt Studio 48 but less 'beautiful' with the Vintech. The directivity 8 is not always easy to use, it's really his only 'tiny' fault. Otherwise it's a gem!


For 1 year or less. I use it a lot on voice and on the resumption of acoustic instruments in addition to other microphones. More distinctive than the Audio Technica Ribbon also tested but with a more original tone color! Less universal for sure.

Pros: Natural, spatialization, build quality, looks
Cons: fragile, low sensitivity

Fabulous value for money

I would do this election with eyes closed and ears open!