MOTU Micro Lite
MOTU Micro Lite

Micro Lite, MIDI Interface from MOTU.

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 6 reviews )
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 3 reviews50 %
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PaulyPaul's review"5 ins and 5 outs, small and worth the buy"

MOTU Micro Lite
The MOTU Micro Lite is a 5 in and 5 out MIDI interface that connects to your PC through USB 2.0. Using the Micro Lite has made it a lot easier for me when I go to studios and to other musicians' houses because it has allowed me to use it with my keyboards and with some of their keyboards as well so I don’t always have to take my gear out and can still work with what they have. Being that the Micro Lite is so small it fits right in the same bag with my laptop.


The MOTU Micro Lite will work with your Mac if you are running OS9 or higher and on Windows you need to be running at least Windows 2000. I have noticed it causing some problems with my Windows 7 system. I am not sure if they released a new driver update for that system but it does not run as smoothly on Windows 7 as it does on my XP computer.


It has been almost a year since I started using this 5 in and 5 out MIDI interface and I have used it with all types of gear. I have even switched out MIDI gear in the middle of a project and it still worked without having to restart or close anything down. There are a lot of MIDI interfaces that will give you the same results as the MOTU Micro Lite, but they probably aren’t as affordable as the MOTU Micro Lite. Before I was using the MOTU Micro Lite, I was using a simple MIDI interface by M-Audio and it was called the Midi Sport, it was just a simple 2 in and 2 out interface that is why I needed the MOTU Micro Lite. I needed more ins and outs to run my whole studio and this did it for me perfectly. Great buy!

Amok_'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Reliable"

MOTU Micro Lite
5 I / O USB noon with 1 I / O panel (practice)
Self-powered USB format 1/2 rack as many expanders and sound cards.
I use windows XP and windows seven pc with desktop and laptop.
I connect a keyboard and synth racks and VA, expanders, pedals afternoon ...


Extremely stable and installation nickel
I never saturated the interface although I've heard some negative echoes this point. Personally, I send about 12/14 MIDI tracks with an expander and 5 synth (1 thru twelve o'clock, because lack of required port).


I have used for 6 months and I am satisfied.
As I already miss ports, I have had to take a 8 e / s, it is always short!

ddn's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent!"

MOTU Micro Lite
5in 5out small midi interface, USB-powered, robust.


mine is a model of stability under Windows 7. Never to fail, cash perfectly large volumes of data that asks him to fly at the same time two clavia micromodulars SoundDiver to the north and rack.

A little flat, it is not compatible with editing software on my Alesis Micron.

And another, MOTU software for routing In any to any out does not work with this card, a small limitation that the trick I posted you can easily fill.


I have over eight months, it has never crashed, it has done its job. Before I tried a da * Be unnamed home prodipe that never worked.

I break, I bought the same.

Morphe777's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" She does what she announces"

MOTU Micro Lite
The number of Midi port (5 in and 5 out)
The power of USB (I can not stand the external power supply, more space).
Format, ie 1/2 rack. In addition I have a motu sound card so the two side by side is intégère perfectly in my small rack.


I knew better stability. Let me explain, it happens when the PC starts the card is not recognized. Just disconnect and reconnect and it works like magic. Bizarre qd same.
on the other hand when it is recognized, it has never failed.
FYI, I had to problem with my Mac mini as snow leopard, and with my hackintosh (also under snow leopard), and also under windows 7.
The updates. There?? Honestly, it's not super common in Motu ....
I never saturated the midi interface for I am a small user. She is more useful as a strip midday as real interface.


3 months.
I tried a small model of sports twelve o'clock at M-Audio (one of my drummer). It worked pretty well, but only one port, so no comparison with the motu.
I opted for the brand that provides drivers normally stable under MAC, and the format that fits in my rack (and also following the advice of AF). Build quality is exemplary. She seems really solid, and for those who need to move it, no worries (I left it in my rack that is part of my office)
So to summarize. I do not need a lot of Midi, and it filled to 200% its role. It fits perfectly in my rack with its small size. And food is via USB (no external power supply). It has everything I asked a midi interface (according to my needs).
I put my 8 because it is not always recognized (QLQ either OS). But for the money it sends.

tetripor's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

MOTU Micro Lite
I needed a port in addition to the store and got the 8i8o proved off-budget (I had a 4x4 midisport M_audio).

I use a lot of drum machines (all TR) and two North micro modular analog synths and 4 connected by a MIDI to CV converter. Plus 2 multi effects and a sampler. In short it makes the world to connect and I needed a model with at least 5 ports ...

Motu enjoys an excellent reputation where my choice.
I use it with Cubase and publishers on a North midi core 2 duo 3ghz, Windows XP SP3.
Note Clockworks software that allows direct routing of in / out, software that has never detected my motu for now ...


In terms of drivers, I have some problems with them, once the motu of 5 does not start with the Pc, or goes out during startup. Once launched against it remains stable and efficient.

I managed to saturate fairly quickly (I stress that only the motu was connected via USB). Publishers of North are two lanes and receive / send data continuously. For BAR I needed a clock sync and / or timecode (for Norths and multi FX as well), plus an ongoing exchange sysex chip.

At the input record, half a quaver latency on every note in this config.
I repluggé removing a time code, the same struggle. By removing a clock I managed to have a near-zero latency, but I clearly felt the limits of the box.

Note that even with all lights, signals in all directions and that sysex balladent in hand, although the latency parte lollipop live the Motu has never won, marking the point against the M- audio, which she plants literally boarding everyone.
According to the manual should support the USB port (in theory) a dozen interfaces Micro Lite, I think it's the machine that is in question.


In short it is a good model, a hair above the M Audio Midisport 4x4 (the finish and the possibility of a half rack motu in his favor). On the other hand it is possible to plugger several motu in parallel to increase the number of ports.

The advantage: just buy a micro lite 8 port for i / o, and I like the principle of not having to get rid of old stuff to buy again, especially at the price of 8-port interfaces .

In the studio the past few months is a stable machine that entry-level, and I am very happy.
I bought it without problem in a few months ago when I repaired my other 2 analos and it will connect them with the rest. At 150 euros is the best choice available.

Osmoz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

MOTU Micro Lite
What motivated my choice ??... ben the unicorn! lol
I was looking for a stable and efficient interface without in budgets from dementia!
Self powered USB ... 2 ports in the facade ... sober black ... long USB cable ... how nice!


I use it with a P IV 2.8Ghz with 1024 mb RAM in Cubase SX / Ableton Live ...

Ben is stable! no worries ... no latency ...

Software "MOTU CLOCKWORK" that sends output to input and vice versa ... it's really handy!

I do not walk all the inputs and outputs at the same time but I do not think it saturates ... I've never had to worry


It's been over 2 years I have ... Well, it is still running nickel.

I use it with my TD12 k (V DRUMS) and that is happiness!