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Other Accessories For Microphones user reviews

  • Radial Engineering Cherry Picker

    Radial Engineering Cherry Picker - "Great for condenser mics"


    I just used the Radial Cherry Picker for the first time this week and I must say I am very impressed with the built in 48V phantom power and clean warm sound. This pre amp has a straight wire signal path that does not color your sound and is very cle…

  • sE Electronics Reflexion Filter

    sE Electronics Reflexion Filter - "This is a must have if you do not hve access to a vocal booth.a"


    The SE electronic reflection filter is both sturdy and sleek. Its function is to reduce the amount of reverb or echo that enters into your microphone, and for me it does just that. You can easily notice a difference in vocals when using this product.…

  • AEA Stereo Protractor

    AEA Stereo Protractor - moosers's review


    The AEA Stereo Protractor is a device for setting up two microphones in an XY position or something closely similar. It's 6 inches in length and has two mounts for two separate microphones. It has degrees labeled right on it so you can see at what …

  • Audio-Technica AT8471

    Audio-Technica AT8471 - moosers's review


    The Audio-Technica AT8471 is a simple microphone mount/clip, for use with a variety of Audio Technica microphones. Specifically, I've used the AT8471 with the AE2500 dual element microphone. This is a really sturdy microphone stand and will be suit…

  • Shure A57F

    Shure A57F - moosers's review


    The Shure A57F is a simple microphone clip, compatible for use with most microphones but specifically made for a number of different Shure microphones, namely the popular Shure SM57. The mic clip isn't fancy at all and really can't do much beyond ho…

  • AKG SA 18/3 B

    AKG SA 18/3 B - moosers's review


    The AKG SA 18/3 B is a microphone clip that can be used for a variety of microphones. I don't think that AKG is making these anymore, nor am I sure if they were ever available for individual purchase. However, the professional studio that I work at…

  • Lp Mic Claw

    Lp Mic Claw - moosers's review


    LP's Mic Claw is a unique clamp that is designed for attaching microphones to your drums. It's a simple device, with a clamp on one end and a microphone clip on the other. LP also makes a percussion claw, which is similar but is designed for mounti…

  • Samson Technologies DMC100

    Samson Technologies DMC100 - moosers's review


    The Samson Audio DMC 100 Mic Clips usually come in a set of three.  These clips are designed to clip onto drums for easy placing of microphones for live shows and in the studio.  I've only used the clips inside of the recording studio, but would thin…

  • sE Electronics Instrument Reflexion Filter

    sE Electronics Instrument Reflexion Filter - moosers's review


    The SE Electronics Instrument Reflexion Filter is designed for home studios and rooms that might not necessarily have the best acoustics and environment to work with.<span> </span>Like the one designed for vocals, this makes a little crevasse for you…

  • sE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro

    sE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro - moosers's review


    The SE Electronics Reflexion Filter is a recording accessory designed to block out sound around your microphone.  It only has value within the studio as it really has no use outside of the studio, unless however you are using it for recording on the …