The T.bone MicScreen
The T.bone MicScreen

MicScreen, Other Accessory For Microphone from The T.bone.

killahbzz 04/29/2013

The T.bone MicScreen : killahbzz's user review

«  No miracle »

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Sturdy, made of aluminum and acoustic foam. The installation is quite simple. Small flat relative to the aluminum grid on the back ... when I carried in my bag, it's a bit distorted ...
Requires a mic really tough because it is very heavy.


I use it for 7 months I believe, and it is still robust. Frankly, this gadget will not work miracles, it will not remove all the reverb of an untreated room, but it contributes slightly. I use it in my old garage that currently serves as my recording room. Basically the room is in 2 * 3 m, and everything is concrete and tile, so hello reverb. I tried to use directly in the empty room, and bein it nothing happens, the reverb was still strong. Then I did a bit of resourcefulness, sponge on the wall, and also on the floor, and I put a big mattress worn out at the door (all without the mic screen) ... and this is a little better. Then I mounted the mic screen in the corner where the reverb was less present, and there it was clean. EXCEPT that I always make a voice processing at 100 to 200hz, I do not know if it's the mic screen which I create bumps on these frequencies or if my room is really good fucking ...
But overall I'm pretty satisfied. I use it on a lanen st1 Prodipe and an AT 2020. The sound is pretty clean, but I think that if I treat my room it will go even better.
Compared to the price is acceptable compared to what it gives more. But hey, if I had a choice I'll rather opt for acoustic foams and design basstrap, which would probably more effective. Anyway, lack of time and equipment that helps a little gizmo.

Edit PS: I forgot, if your singer (or you) think reading a text, it will be difficult with this thing, it is quite large and we do not really know where to put his paper, if one turns the mouth n ' is really right from the microphone if the microphone is turned, the angle of the mic screen is not optimal ... So big headache, and ultimately learn the text will be the easiest solution