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muxol 07/17/2012

Cinela Zephyx : muxol's user review

«  Comfort for work outside »

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Value For Money : Poor
I used it a couple weeks with Sennheiser MKH30/40 inside the windshield. The internal space is optimized, the plastic frame is solid and practical to handle, open. I had no cares to add hairs over or remove all to work indoors.

I used it as a MKH8050, and there is perfect, there is a great wind protection thanks to the large volume of air around the microphone is very very effective.

This is just a hair and heavy (micro and not the windshield), but how effectively. Vibration and noise manipulations are transposed to the infra-bass, hence the need to drastically cut below 30 Hz (with the low-cut filter at 50Hz MIXY example of a filter or Schoeps LC 60 / the filters placed before the gain section are more efficient)

The cage is acoustically more transparent than conventional Rycote, because of the shape and the suspension of the cage itself (in addition to the suspension of the microphone). The manufacturer is based in the offices of DC Audiovisual and it is very good advice (I had a very interesting course on low cut filters!) Is a former soundman filming.


I also used the stereo model "Albert" with pleasure. There were high winds and torque MKH8040 seemed well protected inside. Finally we can envy the microphones, they are better off than we: sheltered from wind and shaking too fast!

The price is high but justified in terms of transparency, working comfort. This is "top toupee"

The disadvantage is not to accept all sizes of pickups (such as Rycote) but there is a version shotgun microphone ("piano") and equivalent light + + + transparent Babyball effective as of Rycote and W20 of Schoeps, it is the "leonard"

Note that I have no stock out there, I just have a great pleasure to use (rental for now) the material produced by Cinela / Philippe Chenevez.