JP_champsaur 03/08/2004

Sennheiser K 6 : JP_champsaur's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Static condenser cardioid microphone sensitivity gnrale good, usable with battery LR6 or phantom power.
I use it as part of the sound of a folk group that makes both the thatre that song.


Used for five years, its sensitivity j'aprcie leve moves away allowing the actors to catch sounds more discrtes Furthermore it PForm voices too. on the other hand and it is the main criticism I would make, high sensitivity in acute ncessite good crtage and Sufi speaker moves away, otherwise we risk quickly feedback. I therefore deprecated for its decision-if one returns to scne proximity. A good windscreen also helps reduce a little the phnomne.
Good quality price, but it was not the quality of other microphones cardiod more expensive.
If I had to reselect, possibly if I would take my budget low lev silent or I would turn to plutt of other models of higher quality. (AKG likely, given my needs).