Alex081 01/15/2010

Sennheiser K 6 : Alex081's user review


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<p style="padding-left: 15px; padding-right: 15px;"> Time speakers:

The K6 poignedalimentation for ghost food and / or batteries, is llment systm basic modular electrostatic K6 microphone.
By combining the grip K6 DIFFERENT modules microphones electro-static (screw), we obtain the directional microphones Different.
Llment K6 is both gripping and hot meals.
External surface: matte black anodized, scratch-resistant treatment.
For modules Microphone ME 62 - ME 64-65-ME ME ME 66-67.


Switchable bass filter protects against rumble mechanics, footsteps, wind, and plosive
On / off switch, battery compartment (AA 1.5V) batteries AND CONTROL Led
Output voltage leve without attnuation signal
Symmetrical XLR-3 output
Transmission factor (1 kHz) 0 dB
Nominal Impedance 200 Ohm
Impedance Min. load 1000 Ohm
output voltage max. 2 V (1 kHz)
ghost power from 12 to 48 V or 1.5 V battery
conso 2.2 mA
Autonomy 150 hours max.
size 22 x94 mm
weight approx. 45 g.


I use it for 2-3 years in video, the head principalementavec barrel ME 66.
I have not seen an increase in use of breath particulire on battery, but I always use the phantom power of my camra security by ..
I enjoy all particulirement the very great sensitivity of the K6 systm, so that the j'enclenche systmatiquement attnuateur my cam to avoid a full concert recording with the gain almost at least!
The sound is very good from my point of view.
The ratio quality price is very favorable compared to the Sennheiser MKH series: We stay on the pro stuff, doncfiable and tough, but remains an expensive product or face the Rode Audio -Technica very good bill also (but less sensitive!).
I would do it without hesitating choice!