Cort B5

Cort B5

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B5, 5+ string bass guitar from Cort in the Artisan series.

14 user reviews

Cort B5 tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Cort
  • Model: B5
  • Series: Artisan
  • Category: 5+ string bass guitars
  • Added in our database on: 04/03/2006

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Cort B5 user reviews

Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 14 reviews )
 9 reviews64 %
 4 reviews29 %

NayaTattoo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort B5
Made in Core, box 24, 5 string, sleeve screwed with active electronic switch of equalizers, microphones Bartolini MK1.


Very good bass for my taste. solid and well designed to accomplish.
the handle is very pleasant and rather late for a 5 string. It also allows access to acute remarcable.
it a very good face and pleasant play.
it is just a little heavy, like all 5 strings.
The sound is very good, although dfini and quickly found what we want. if the passive switcher could be a top.


I tried on a cubebass 30, a home equipped with HP fender amp and a H & Ketner basskick200 without effect, just with a small compressor / limiter. difficult to find sound despite all liability rglages (that's 2 DIFFERENT worlds), but it sounds good even when vachemant.


I have 2 years.The only thing that annoys me is having to check my batteries, dbrancher the jack not it dcharge etc ... for the rest say.

At this price it's a real instrument access. I do not regret at all. I tried the Fender, Yamaha etc in the same price range but nothing to see.

I remake that choice without siter, if I had the same budjet Videment, otherwise I would look at ts in Warwick, Vigier or Music Man!

ssugoer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"All the benefits of a "modern" low"

Cort B5
This finish "Open Pore Natural", the body is swamp ash (it is mahogany finishes "Tobacco Burst" and "Open Pore Mahogany"). No nail itself. I would say that the wood has been oiled, although it is not very clear (and documented on the site Cort). Still, the feeling that remains is that of being in direct contact with the wood; this is very nice. The drawback is the fragility of the coating: the wood is fairly soft, and small bumps and scratches mark other fast enough. On my model, the most visible remains of the many brands under the G string, slap on gambling. Nails (even short) tend to dig into the top layer of wood at a frenetic slap. Anecdotal. But visible. But anecdotal. But still visible.
For the handle, it is screwed on (4 points). To have a neck-through, you must go upmarket (Artisan A5). The B5 consists of 5 parts alternating wenge and rosewood. The key is typically rosewood with abalone pearl benchmarks.
For the rest, it has 24 jumbo frets and a pitch of 34 inches.
Head side, conventional mechanical Hipshot doing the job. On the other hand, a rather massive bridge (EB12 (5) of his first name).
The beast has a Bartolini active electronics: 2 microphones MK1-5 / F and MK1-5 / R, associated with a MK1 preamp-EQ. The 9v battery has a dedicated trap. Easy to change, even if the plastic cover seems a bit fragile ...
For the knobs, there is a volume, blend (balance = neck pickup / pickup) and 3 settings for EQ: bass, middle, treble.
Note: all knobs have a very hard point halfway, to follow.
Unlike Ibanez bass (which really boxing a little - a lot - in the same category), the order of the equalizer knobs are reversed: the setting is serious side easel; the treble side handle. And this is very stupid, because it's completely against-intuitive.
To end on electronics, I specify that the user also has an active-passive switch. At least that's the idea. In practice, the action on the switch simply disconnects the equalizer ... But it is not a true rocker fashion to a 100% passive, it will always have a charged battery in the bass to the microphones work. Like all active models, it will be necessary in all cases systematically disconnect the plug from the bottom when not in use longer, otherwise discharge the battery at full speed.


Necessarily larger than a 4-string (I push open doors, there), the handle of the B5 remains that of a modern low. Namely:
- Not so wide it for a 5 string
- Not thick at all; it is far from unplayable big log.
The strings are closely spaced; the game is therefore very fast, even if it requires more precision slap. Note: on this style of play, the fact of not having a shield slightly changes the way to attack from. On this point, I prefer the Jazz Bass; additional thickness added by the pick-guard enabled stalling index between the plate and the rope, no rédiduel space with a better feeling at the end. Matter of habit, but it is important nonetheless.
The rear portion of the handle is oiled wood. It is a satin lining, very comfortable, does not stick and even tend to skate over time. A success.
B5 has all the benefits of a modern low: it is perfectly balanced, never pike head. It can play sitting or standing without any difference. The handle has two octaves, access to acute is excellent ... And she has the typical look of the Contemporary coffee made in Asia (soft shapes, sensual curves, small head, small lifts, etc). We are really in the same register as the SoundGear Ibanez series (itself available with the same email on some models).


Meanwhile, there was still all the benefits of a modern low (but also the disadvantages of it).
Benefits, it is the Swiss knife side of the instrument: do not try, you can play anything and everything with. Playing on the scale, 3-band EQ, active / passive switch ... All sounds are available (almost) even before addressing the settings on the amp.
In return, the lovers will obviously sounds very typical to find fault. So find the particular grain of Precision, a Thunderbird or Viola Bass is something impossible. For that, you need to have the instrument in question. So some may find the sound too neutral in comparison. But do not tell me it's too asseptisé or soulless. B5 has its own sound world (should I use the plural, as the possibilities are varied): that of a contemporary coffee that can do everything. Round and warm bass tend to his cold manner and slamming metal, or a mix of both (bass sounds terrible slap), everything is possible.
Requires active electronics, the output level is very good. The equalizer is very effective, and all controls are very sensitive and responsive. In terms of defects, there is a slight buzz when you push the equalizer background, but it's still very moderate.
Finally, sustain side is not bad, but it still lacks a little something. Besides, playing without plugging the instrument, one realizes that the B5 transmits little vibration. Nothing to do with my Jazz Bass (a Korean Squier model 90s). With it, even "unplugged", it sounds it sounds, and it happens in the body of the bass. With the B5 is much further back, too bad.


Purchased in 2012, this bass was made in Indonesia. Like what it is time to put aside all the clichés that attempt to impose a hierarchy between the different countries in Asia, in terms of the quality of the violin. Yes, the Chinese and Indonesians makers are paid less than their counterparts in Korea and Japan. Yes, they do not have the same working conditions. But what is technical, there has long as the know-how on violin was passed in these emerging countries. In this case, the Indonesian B5 has everything a great. She has a pretty face, the choice of materials is very very good, sounds offered covers a very broad spectrum and quality of the violin is excellent.
In short, it is a model to recommend to all those interested in something other than bass duo Jazz / Precision bass. In return, forget the vintage side: one is on the contemporary, both in design and in the sounds available.
Finally, this review may be interested in those who hesitate between Cort and its equivalent Ibanez (a priori, I would say the SR605: same email, even ash body, philosophy and roughly speaking, the same price range - even if me on, I received a coupon when purchasing the B5). For my part, I highly recommend the B5. First, because it is slightly cheaper. Then because we certainly meets some, but not all street corners like Ibanez. Finally, because the Cort vaaaaachement is more beautiful. Yes, it is subjective! So what?
Oh, last point: the bass arrived very well regulated, including a low action just as it should. IS want?

ferretbass's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort B5
Model 5 string made in korea.
Mahogany body and wenge neck.
Bolt 24 frets, 2 soapbar pickups Bartolini MK1.
Active electronics with 3-band eq, master volume, balance microphones and active / passive switch.


The neck is very thin and very easy to play, a real highway with very accessible treble.
Ergonomics is good, the bass is well balanced, the weight (light enough) is well distributed, the bass does not dive either sitting or standing.
The 3 band eq is very efficient, which makes it easy to find his sound.


Perfect for my style of music (metal, for the rest I have my Jazzbass) is a bass that sends wood, and even too much time with undoubtedly modern sounds.
I use it connected to my amp Markbass mini cmd 121p by first passing through a compressor (EBS multicomp) and my ValveDrive.
I love the sound of this bass, aggressive and modern with a good growl.


I use it for 10 years now, I've done all my concerts.
Before that I try grindbass peavey and yamaha I can not remember most of the model, but none of the two is me as excited as this one.
What I love most: the sound, the playability of the neck.
What I like least: the finish, the varnish is not great and the bar where there are regular friction, I put 8 because of it.
The value for money is exceptional at this price point the sound that comes out is just insane (and then farts on the varnish that gives it an air of adventurer).
With the experience I remake this choice without doubt, unless I am directed to the Series A with flamed maple top and neck-through.

Plexus02's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Synonym for Versatility"

Cort B5
- Made in Indonesia
- Ash Body
- Channel Wenge
- Rosewood
- Hipshot Tuners
- Black Acastillage
- 2 humbuckers active Bartolini MK1
- Bridge EB12
- Finish Maple Burl (Limited Edition)

Nice finish, a good job, as usual with Cort.


On the handle, hard to Cort nicer than it is a highway, though it is a 5 string.
The bass is not too heavy, well balanced body shape gives a very simple access to acute.
It is also noteworthy that the active / passive switch is very nice to use)
Bass easy to play, we do not get tired!


This is the section that interests us most.

This bass has a huge advantage (which may also be a defect in the ears of some), which is its versatility.
This versatility comes in many models from Cort.
The Bartolini MK1 pickups and active electronics give a sacred power and presence much better than on the lower register of the same.
The Artisan B5 may as well have a round that's more deep slamming.
It can play everything from blues to metal to rock and jazz, you just need to find its settings.
The criticism that some will do to this bass is just that he lacks "THE sound", but it remains a choice, either we choose a versatile bass with which to explore all types of music, a bass with his THE but remain closed in a few well-defined styles.


I use this bass for over a year now, I had the opportunity to try a model in Ibanez 5 string in the same price range and the same register (low-purpose), but the sound of the Ibanez was not fishing and the presence of Cort, it was quite cold, this is why I have preferred the Artisan B5 for its more "taking".

This bass is primarily enjoyable for its exceptional ease of play, and I repeat, for its versatility for exploring all styles. For those looking for a 5 string with these qualities, this bass is one of the best quality / price for that price range there.

Today, with this award, I would do without doubt this choice, only with experience, I would choose the larger model (the Cort Artisan A5) in which the neck-through (as a hundred dollars more). The sounds remain the same, except that the neck-through allows for better sustain (but then I quibble, as that of the B5 is already very good)

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