Antares Audio Technology Voice Thing!

Voice Thing!, Other Effect Plug-in from Antares Audio Technology.

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Antares Systems Voice Thing!

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Antares releases voice changing effect for Windows.

Voice Thing! (with the "!") is actually the name of Antares’ new product.

Antares says that Voice Thing! can process and change your voice in an almost limitless variety of ways. It's not a plug-in, but a stand-alone application that sits between your microphone and any PC application that accepts audio input. (Examples might include online role-playing games, instant messaging, VoIP, or a video editing program that allows you to add your own narration of other sound effects to your video).

Antares tell us that with Voice Thing!, you can subtly or radically change the character of your voice, turn your (audio) self into a monster or alien, and create the effect of being in a wide variety of sonic environments, from small rooms to huge halls.

With Voice Thing! you can:

  • Change your voice with the same voice processing used in Antares's audio tools
  • Raise or lower your voice with pitch-shifting
  • Radically change the quality and/or gender of your voice with vocal tract modeling technology
  • Use the Mutation function for a variety of monstrous, demonic, or other alternate-species voices
  • Translate everything you say into Alien
  • Simulate a variety of environments, from a huge hall to a small room
  • Choose from a collection of included human, creature, (and just plain weird) voices
  • Save a virtually unlimited number of your own creations

Pricing and Availability:
Available now for Windows XP and Vista.

More information and demo:
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