Waldorf MicroWave 2
Waldorf MicroWave 2
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Waldorf MicroWave 2

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The MicroWave II is a rackmount synthesizer with 10-voice tone generation, which features two oscillators per voice, two wave generators, a mixer, two serially-connected filters, a stereo amplifier, four envelopes, two LFOs, a modulation matrix with 16 slots and several “modifiers”.

Per sound, the MicroWave II offers an arpeggiator and powerful envelope and voice-trigger modes.

Outside, it has 5 dials and a 2 x 40 character LCD. On the back the MicroWave II sports two modulatable stereo outputs to ensure that its sound is properly sent to the real world.

The MicroWave II also has an integrated chorus effector that is capable of producing the “Ensemble” effect, according to Waldorf.

  • Multi Mode with 8 individual instruments
  • 10 voices
  • 128 multis
  • 256 sounds
  • 64 ROM wavetables
  • 32 RAM wavetables
  • 64 waves per wavetable
  • 500 waves
  • arpeggiator, syncable to MIDI Clock
  • programmable arpeggiator rhythm pattern per sound
  • 4 integrated effect units (1 Chorus available for any instrument in multi mode, 1 separate effect for each of the first 3 instruments in multi mode)
  • all parameters real time controllable through MIDI continous controller
  • 1 dial for page access
  • 4 dials for parameter changes
  • 1 Play / Shift button
  • 5 buttons for mode selection (3 buttons for “Sound”, 1 button for “Multi”, 1 button for “Global”)
  • 1 Standby button with alert function to assure that all edited sounds are stored
  • MIDI In / Out / Thru
  • 2 stereo outputs
  • 19″/2U

Per voice:

  • 2 oscillators
  • oscillator synchronization
  • oscillator FM, fully modulatable
  • 2 wave generators
  • noise generator
  • ring modulator
  • adjustable quality levels for aliasing, interpolation and clipping
  • mixer, all levels (Wave 1, Wave 2, Noise, Ring Modulation, External In) modulatable with high resolution
  • 2 multi mode filters, connected serially
  • filter 1:
    o low pass 12dB
    o low pass 24dB
    o band pass 12dB
    o high pass 12dB
    o sinus shaper with low pass filter 12dB
    o wave shaper with low pass filter 12dB (selected wavetable determines the available shaper waves)
    o Sample & Hold with low pass filter 12dB (real time sample rate reduction down to 23Hz)
    o dual parallel filter with 12dB low pass and 12dB band pass, cutoff offset parameter for band pass
    o 12dB low pass filter with filter FM (cutoff modulation through oscillator 2)
  • filter 2:
    o low pass 6dB
    o high pass 6dB
  • stereo amplifier, fully modulatable
  • 8-time/level wave envelope with loop function, “one shot” mode, times and levels modulatable
  • ADSR filter envelope, each phase modulatable separately
  • ADSR amplifier envelope, each phase modulatable separately
  • 4-time/level free envelope, bipolar, one shot mode, times and levels modulatable
  • all envelopes work with separate trigger- and voice-modes, either monophonic or polyphonic:
  • single trigger with zero return
  • single trigger with return to last level
  • retrigger with zero return
  • retrigger with return to last level
  • dual mode (two voices per note)
  • unisono (all free voices at once)
  • two LFOs, each with different shapes, syncable to MIDI clock, LFO 2 can be synced to LFO 1
  • modulation matrix with 16 slots, all sources and destinations of the MicroWave and the Pulse plus new connections
  • 4 freely usable modifiers with several operators and algorithms

Check out www.waldorfmusic.de/en for more info.

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