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ENGL Other MIDI Controllers user reviews

  • ENGL Z-7 Midi Interface

    ENGL Z-7 Midi Interface - "Works perfect with the Savage 120/SE"


    I was playing out a lot and got fed up with all the tap-dancing on my pedalboard so at one point I decided to go the midi-route. I had to buy a tool to be able to switch my amps (Savage120/SE) with midi and the answer was the Z-7. The Z-7 is a small …

Translated user reviews
  • ENGL Z-11 Midi Switcher

    ENGL Z-11 Midi Switcher - " great"


    switcher twelve o'clock very practical and easy to use I used it with the heads brunetti pirata 141 engl screamer mini mesa recto carvin V3m no pb for use with all those heads used with a line6 M13 I plugged in the z11 out footswitch …

  • ENGL Z-11 Midi Switcher

    ENGL Z-11 Midi Switcher - CHAM-NEwTT's review


    I've had three weeks. It is small it fits on the side of my head thanks to the small roadster pad members. Just plugged in, it works immediately and without hassle. It's perfect in use. It's still a bit expensive for my taste, but it's worth…

  • ENGL Z-11 Midi Switcher

    ENGL Z-11 Midi Switcher - aliascross's review


    I have since August 2005 works nickel! Simple, effective and CHEAP !! 6 switches …

  • ENGL Z-11 Midi Switcher

    ENGL Z-11 Midi Switcher - Z3r0's review


    I use it for almost a year. Simple and effective, it allows to switch the channels of an amp with a pedal such as noon. I use a Boss GT3 and a head ENGL Thunder. It is relatively easy to program even though I found the manual rather crappy. …