ENGL Z-11 Midi Switcher
ENGL Z-11 Midi Switcher

Z-11 Midi Switcher, Other MIDI Controller from ENGL in the Z series.

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Z3r0 03/01/2006

ENGL Z-11 Midi Switcher : Z3r0's user review


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I use it for almost a year.

Simple and effective, it allows to switch the channels of an amp with a pedal such as noon.
I use a Boss GT3 and a head ENGL Thunder.
It is relatively easy to program even though I found the manual rather crappy.
In fact did not understand the method of programming by reading the manual, I finally just plugged in, being careful not to activate the phantom power MIDI (small switch to move).
In short, I use just one or two channels so the four others are still operating, but sooner or later it could still be used.

I put 8 because it works very well but it is expensive, the adapter provided is somewhat limited quality issue, and the manual is very vague.