ENGL Z-7 Midi Interface
ENGL Z-7 Midi Interface

Z-7 Midi Interface, Other MIDI Controller from ENGL in the Z series.

LordRiffenstein 03/31/2011

ENGL Z-7 Midi Interface : LordRiffenstein's user review

« Works perfect with the Savage 120/SE »

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I was playing out a lot and got fed up with all the tap-dancing on my pedalboard so at one point I decided to go the midi-route. I had to buy a tool to be able to switch my amps (Savage120/SE) with midi and the answer was the Z-7. The Z-7 is a small box that runs on power from the amp via one cable and needs to be connected to your midi-board or other midi-units. The cable is a standard 25-pin cable as used for computers so if it breaks you can always get another one at a computer store. Just make sure you get one with all 25-pins connected.

The Z-7 performed flawlessly. It's easy to program, once you have set it up. Select the correct midi channel via the dip-switches and you are ready to go. To program it, send the program change you want to program to the unit, then select the channel and all the other functions you want to be on this program and hit save on the Z-7. Programming DONE! I think you can program 128 presets in the unit, that should be plenty because I don’t think there are this many combinations of selections on the amps  I think I had about 15 different presets from clean to crunch with different options to high lead settings using the 2nd master volume. Set and forget, you program once and you are good for ever.

I was controlling the myriad of options on these 2 amps and it just worked as described. I dropped mine a couple of times and it did hurt my foot more than the little box, so thumbs up for build quality. The Z-7 ONLY works with the Savae SE and Savage 120 because of the special port it has.