Plogue Bidule
Plogue Bidule

Bidule, Other Sequencer from Plogue.

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All user reviews for the Plogue Bidule

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 2 reviews )
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amleth's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Plogue Bidule
Nothing to say about the installation, this app is lightweight, easy to deploy. I have only tested on Windows XP. The setup menus look like what is found in all soft computer music is not rocket science ... The advantage of modular graphical representation is that we see at once what hardware inputs (audio and MIDI) are used. I even tend to think that it is highly educational to teach computer music ...
As for the manual ... same remark as in previous opinions.


It all depends on what is in the patch. I never did test performance compared with its competitors (Max / MSP, Pure Data, etc.).. Therefore impossible to say whether more or less greedy when making calculations with the proposed modules. However, again, the graphic representation of the module allows you to see who does what and then to refine the best patch to work.
Otherwise, no crash ever, even with complex and bcp patch of VST / VSTi external. This stuff is cut for the live!


Bidule is a modular graph GP. You can produce and process MIDI and Audio. Importing external elements VST / VSTi is very well screwed. The problem with such tools is that it is not for the composition (as an activity of sounds available in time), but to search audio (and possibly music, with stochastic generators MIDI & co). Also, gadget comes in a plug-in version, simply import it like a beast vst in your preferred host (for my part, Tracktion: Rack Filter function allows an even greater modularity! EDIT: now I REAPER'm pretty ... with the routing matrix).

Before deciding to dedicate myself to Thing, I just tried SuperCollider, CSound, Chuck, and I heard a lot of Max / MSP and Pure Data (but my tests do not exceed the 10 page manual. .. due to time). With Bidule, you have a tool that is not really oriented synthesis (at least, less powerful that side as SuperCollider), but the ultimate processing chain. And that's exactly what I wanted.

And then there's stuff quite lethal: the GUI, nice, spontaneous and clear. The tool is not cut off from the composition process is almost instrumental performance as it is pleasant to use (not like Max ...). And that was super important to me. I have very little time right now, and with Bidule, I immediately "inside".

Finally, you can develop your own modules with an SDK, I am not yet gone to see. Modules of the community can be directly retrieved on the Internet via an application menu: here is an intelligent ...

And I have not mentioned the spectral functions, the fun effects, etc..

In short, it's about the ultimate tool for sound design for me.

Ah yes, it is also skinnable. Owl.

Last point: If you prefer a less rich tool in low-level functions, take Audiomulch, which is just as well. For the live plant appears to be as widely used. Finally, there energyXT, modular sequencer that allows great flexibility in how modules are connected, but does not define modules with mathematical functions, spectral, etc..

_john.'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Plogue Bidule
Installation without problem. Easy Setup.
As for man, so given that the product is still dveloppement, it is not uncommon for it to be trans with respect to functionality dja Submitted in application. But it is clear plutt prcis.


The software is not too greedy, even when we start having complicated montages with lots of VSTs. The possibility to put some ciruit "off" is quite handy for this.
The product is stable as long as trs stick to the "official" version. It is much less true when addressing the test version that dveloppeurs are available and can take advantage of dernires features.


I use this product for over a year. It is extremely versatile, with an SDK that allows dveloper its own modules, has an excellent support by the development team (and in French).
All 70's, it's a choice I would do without problem!