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DeArmond Other Shape Guitars user reviews

  • DeArmond Jet Star

    DeArmond Jet Star - "DeArmond & Guild...magical synergy!"


    I tested the DeArmond Guild with a Crate amp, on both dirty and clean channels. I've been playing Guild acoustics since 1970 and have the highest respect for Guild quality. This is my first experience with a Guild electric and it's exactly what I'd e…

  • DeArmond Jet Star

    DeArmond Jet Star - "DeArmond Jet Star"


    I picked up a mint black Jet Star on Ebay for £110 including hard case (note these guitars do NOT fit most standard cases). I have collected all of the top line DeArmond models (T400,StarfireSpecial,M75T)The Jet Star sat untouched for about a year or…

  • DeArmond Jet Star

    DeArmond Jet Star - "DeArmond Jetstar"


    I saw this really clean and tidy new/second hand Korean made DeArmond/Guild Jetstar electric guitar in our local guitar shop about two years ago, but price tag of £440 put it out of my reach. Two years later it was still there and i finally bought it…

  • DeArmond M75

    DeArmond M75 - "DeArmond M75"


    I was wanting a guitar for a while , It would be so cool to play , and my dad bought me a vox amp . He says the his buddy has a nice little guitar that he had just fixed that he wanted to sell. So I had been working for a little while and got the mon…

  • DeArmond M75

    DeArmond M75 - "DeArmond M75"


    Acquired from Charlies Music, Hyannis Mass for about $500 with hard shell case. I was in there looking at Epiphone Les Paul Standards (because I couldn't afford a Gibson) when the guy hands me this thing. This is my first electric guitar and the firs…

  • DeArmond M65

    DeArmond M65 - "DeArmond M65"


    DeArmond M65, $220 Northern Music, Potsdam, NY Inexpensive guitar, nice sound Has 2 humbuckers, giving me a mellow sound at a good price. Haven't found anything yet. Well built, frets are clean, plays well. Yes, for the money, the DeA…

Translated user reviews
  • DeArmond M-55

    DeArmond M-55 - " Outstanding!"


    Made in Indonesia very inspired by the Les Paul Junior A microphone, volume, tone, very strong through tailpiece, bridge type Gibson Les Paul quality. UTILIZATION Guitar lightweight comfortable handle very similar to Gibson. Design basic but ve…

  • DeArmond M75

    DeArmond M75 - " Very good guitar"


    LP -type neck UTILIZATION Solid neck , close to a les Paul's. Good playability but very limited accessibility to upper frets.. SOUNDS Mine has two gibson pickups  so I do not know the original sonority.  OVERALL OPINION I've owne…

  • DeArmond M65

    DeArmond M65 - bfrete's review


    American brand renowned in the manufacture of guitar pickups for Gibson, Gretsch etc. .., which began in the 90s to produce good quality guitars assembled in Asia humbuckers with volume, tone and a 3 position selector UTILIZATION The ergonomics…

  • DeArmond M75

    DeArmond M75 - spouks's review


    Everything has been said I think. UTILIZATION Typed LP sleeve least as wide. For those who have never had the opportunity to test this kind of race is bigger, rounder, and it gives the impression of being more accurate than a typed handle Start, …