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All user reviews for the Godin SDxt

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Average Score:4.9( 4.9/5 based on 8 reviews )
 7 reviews88 %
 1 user review13 %
Audience: Anyone Value For Money : Excellent
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Stryker Ryder10/27/2019

Stryker Ryder's review"Versatile and Quality Build."

Godin SDxt
I am using this guitar with a Fender Blues Junior 3 amp.
I play mainly rock and blues so I use the Bridge or Neck pickups most of the time.

Godin is a brand that I had heard a lot of positive things about. The wood from Canada assembled in America...
The workmanship is excellent on this guitar. Having owned a number of Indonesian made guitars, many of them very good; the neck, frets, fit, and finish on the SDXt are better.
Intonation was excellent. I haven't needed to tweak anything, no neck or pickup adjustments.
The only things I have done with this guitar is a string change(D'Addario 10-46 Nickel Wounds)and a cleaning of the maple fretboard. The maple neck and fretboard are easy for me to play. I have smaller hands so this neck radius works very well for me.

In this price range I really didn't expect much from the stock pickups. I was pleasantly surprised and don't plan on changing them. The Neck humbucker has the sweet, smooth tone I appreciate. The Bridge humbucker has a bark or quack. I did find a downloadable guide from Godin that listed the genres for the various selector switch settings. There is a lot of versatility with the pickup configuration.
That's what I was looking for- a maple neck and fretboard guitar with the HSH pickup configuration.
I have found no cons with this model and Godin has lived up to my expectations with this guitar. And I got a really good deal on it. It also came with a Godin gigbag that was much better than the typical gigbag. This one is heavier duty.

MGR/Curtis Wallace08/14/2004

MGR/Curtis Wallace's review"Godin SdXt"

Godin SDxt
So I baught this guitar about a month ago now at long and McQuade had to get it specialy ordered in becuase they discontinued the guitar, so in total i paid about 650

MAN WHAT I LIKE........ OK 650 FOR THIS GUITAR IS NUTS IT SHOULD BE 3 4 times the prices oh man. The color combination blue flame black pickguard, has 5 way pick switch, incredible tone, through body stringing, the neck feels like a strat (I love strats) its just an amazing guitar!!!


Its it made tough, this guitar can take a beating and still put out!>

Man if you hadn't played a godin i recommened the SdXt (if u can find one) but any godin is pro!
amazing guitars amazing founder... pure amazing

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MGR/Inky's review"Godin SD xt"

Godin SDxt
I bought this guitar new at a local music store for about $500 CAN. I was in the market for a guitar about twice that price but I fell in love with this one.

First thing to catch my eye was the unique body shape. It's kind of a cross between a Les Paul Jr and a Telecaster. A little classy/a little modern. Then there's the finish... a beautiful transparet blue flame maple top. These guitars are made of solid wood and employ real laquer finishes. It's brilliant and glossy. A beautifully fit, hard maple neck, tasetful satin nickel finished hardware. Let's just say it's a good-looking machine. It also came with a very high quality gig bag.

I played it for a while at the store and was sold. I couldn't find any other guitar there that matched it for twice the price. I would have had to spend a lot more to match the quality.

When I got it home I noticed that it was set up perfectly. String height, intonation... all perfect. I'm not sure if this is true of all Godin guitars but I appreciated it.

Very Good Sounds too.

It has a floating tremolo bridge. I HATE those things. HATE them. I love the guitar regardless but tuning with those things is an exercise in patience. I would like to put a fixed bridge on this thing. Also after a few months the tone pot got a little scratchy. The volume and tone control is a little harsh. I'd prefer bit smother roll-off.

Awesome! Fit and finish is beautiful. A mirror lacquer finish. The fit of the neck in the pocket is so tight. Very good!

I'm very impressed with this guitars build qulity and sound. The pickups are decent, the humbuckers are pretty hot and bighting. The single coil is sufficently clean and glassy.
If it were stolen... I would certainly replace it with another. And I will definately be checking out other models in the Godin lineup.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

MGR/Jake's review"Godin SD XT"

Godin SDxt
I paid $1100 Austalian for this guitar (the Aussie dollar, at the time of writing, is somewhere around 65c to $US1, I think. I don't pay much attention to high finance and exchange rates and stuff). I got it at a local music store where the owner let me plug in and play away, and then couldn't resist the urge to show me what the thing was really capable of. And it is capable of a hell of alot!

I should point out that this is my first "real" guitar - for a year or so i've been using my brother's old Squier Strat. The difference is so noticable, it is almost orgasmic!

I Like everything about this guitar! Nice low action with no buzz at all. The two humbuckers really pack a punch, and the single coil in the centre provides some fine, clean Strat-like sounds. In fact, I call this thing a "Fender Les Paul" or a "Gibson Stratocaster" - it can do anything either of these far more expensive guitars can do.

I'd of liked a different colour - a purple / burgandy finish would have been sweet. As it is though, the sunburst looks damn good - every non-playing female i've showed it to has told me how "pretty" or "niiiice" it looks. So there ya go - it ain't all just about sound boys!

From a sonic point of view, the tone control and pickup switch make a really noticable difference to the sound, unlike some other guitars I have played. I only own a 15-watt amp, and even through that it sounds beautiful. When I plugged into a mate's Fender DeVille - WOW!!! I mean, WOW!!! Especially on the bridge humbuckers. Like I was saying... WOW!!!

Haven't owned it long, but it sure seems sturdy. It has a reassuringly heavy feel - not so heavy that I feel like i'll drop the thing, but I know that if I do, it'll stay in one piece.

Brilliant! If you don't already own a real Strat or Les Paul, get one of these and kill two birds with the one stone. And save a whole bunch of money, too.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com
MGR/Georg C Cocron06/15/2003

MGR/Georg C Cocron's review"Godin SDxt"

Godin SDxt
I paid $400 at a locally owned music shop.
I wanted a lES PAul type guiatr with some
"STrat Like," qualities for a reasonable price.

Where do I begin?
I can't believe this guitar cost only $400!
It's made from the Finest materials.
The body is solid maple. The Fingerboard is rosewood.
All the parts are from Canada and are assembled in the U.S.
The pallete of tones available on this guiatr is endless.
It plays like a dream.

There's nothing wrong with it.

The best.
It plays like a guitar 3x the price!

I challenge anyone to find a better guitar, especially for the money!

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com
MGR/Brown-E Cake03/20/2003

MGR/Brown-E Cake's review"Godin SDxt"

Godin SDxt
I bought the SDxt at center stage music for $599.00.

Everything about the Sdxt is perfect.The blue flame finish with the black pickgaurd is amazing.The shape is unique, a cross between a Les Paul and a Strat, and the same goes for the sound. It has the tight twang of the strat and has the cruel rauch of the Les Paul. The neck reaction is superp and it seems the sound comes before you hit the string.The price blows the doors right of the other models its price.


The SDxt has a start-like neck and is construckted of rock maple. Tunes great, and takes damage fairly well.

Great price, Great sound , try it !

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

MGR/Xacent's review"Godin SD XT"

Godin SDxt
I recieved this guitar as a gift this year and I believe the cost was about 450 canadian dollars before taxes.

I owned a no-name electric guitar before this, and the Godin plays far better than it did. In addition to that, from the other guitars I played in stores, gibsons, fenders, you name it, I was most comfortable with the Godin, it was very easy to play and had a wonderful action. As far as sound goes, it sounds really great and has 5 different arrangements for the pickup selector. Also I think the chrome knobs and fittings look great. I bought the sunrise finish which I prefered the most, but it was a tough decision between that and the quilted top. I'd recommend this guitar to anyone, its very handsome looking and the information in the Godin Brochure and website was really helpful.

When I first started playing it, the cut of the body made it feel like it was going to slip off my knee, but after a while I just got used to it. One thing that bugged me, though pretty minor is that when I pulled the plastic cover off the pick-guard some of the plastic got stuck under the screws and knobs and I still haven't gotten it out (though you can't see it unless you look for it).

The guitar is perfect in every way. I haven't had it long so I don't know about how long it will last or anything, but it seems very solidly built and beautifully finished.

Bottome line would be, if I had to buy another guitar again, I would buy this one. If I were upgrading I'd buy another Godin product because I am so happy with this one.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com
nouwanda gk04/05/2008

nouwanda gk's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Godin SDxt
Guitar manufactures in the wood comes from the usa canada
22 round boxes for micro 2 doubles and a single brand godin
slecteur is the 5 positions in RAPORT with 3 microphones


The game is trs comfortable, good in acute CASC, and the guitar is well equilibrated (no fatigue during the game standing)
only drawback to my taste is the position of the last chord a bit prs bottom of the handle is that when frenzied solos Take affected can make a few wrong notes
of course this dpend guitarist, but this guitar is sharp and the player and another shred solo has the maiden will be interested


I play rock (it is added) to the stoner psychdlik
and if this were ideal godin Tone the micro is trs hot in the neck position with the brightest single coil in the bridge position and acute, short versatility at its best
the clean sound is enjoyable trs central position
sound distortion is quite bold with the neck pickup and smoother in the bridge position
I play on a tube amp Hughes and Kettner 100 (100 watt amp all lamps that n is marketed since 2001)
the microphones are of good quality is a possde SPECIFICATIONS your good anyway, so this guitar should be tried before buying
personal as you can imagine I'm in love with it


I have the last 5 years now
what I like best sound and playability
This is the least sensitive particulirement dernire rope (say it is a blow to today I nor lends more attention)
j've tried a lot of guitar gibson les paul, amricaine strat, Ibanez ...
I think this guitar is a perfect compromise is raproche the touch of a stratum and the sound of a humbucker les paul (with less sustain all the same)
bought new at a glance around 850 euros I think, I find the price justifibr /> there are tons of brands and good MODELS that way every year that is on that is that I n is never regret my purchase and this guitar m'acompagnera into my old age.

ps: I tested several strata that are made in Japan for a price range equivalent to the well sdxt godin c is the best rvle every sense (touch her held agreement) again this is only my humble opinion but I've found the really notable difrence finishing point of the prciser