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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 6 reviews )
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iamqman's review"Excellent buy"

PRS Standard 22
Paul Reed Smith guitars are an exceptional boutique guitar for the working musician and not the budget musician. All they they do make some guitars that are conveniently price they're not up to the standards and specs that you would see from many of the guitars that got Paul Reed Smith to where it's at today. They have a great looking a great field to them with their chunky thick max and there are mix between a Gibson Les Paul and Fender Stratocaster guitar. They usually come with a nice finger quilted maple top on top of a mahogany wood in a mahogany neck with the rosewood fretboard. They generally have humbuckers installed and the pick up slots so you get a good chunky sick rhythm tone.

These guitars are pretty easy a play and if you have a good amplifier to go along with this guitar and you'll be set. Keep the necks are pretty big and thick so if you have big hands at a work for you but if you have smaller hands sometimes this won't be ideal. You might be looking for a Ibanez thickness of the neck rather than this guitar.

This guitar features to home buckers and you have a volume and control knob as well as a pickup selector. The scale length is a 22 scale length which is a one another shorter versions of their product line. It's a great overall guitar it's a great getting guitar and as a pretty decent sound if you're into the Gibson Les Paul sounded to Gibson overall sound primarily because it features mahogany wood throughout most of the construction of the guitar itself.


Carved all-mahogany body
Mahogany neck
22-fret Indian rosewood fingerboard with 10" radius
Wide-thin neck profile
Pearl and abalone moon inlays
Matching headstock
PRS stoptail bridge
14:1 low-mass nickel locking tuners
Covered Dragon II humbuckers
5-way rotary pickup selector with coil tapping
Volume and tone controls


These guitar sound fantastic. If you playing through a Paul Reed Smith guitar amplifier because I guess they're voiced together to match each other perfectly. Generally the Paul Reed Smith guitar ants are a low to medium game so you're getting get a lot of notes separation clarity when he plays guitar through one of those in. The great overall sound and the high gain pickups will allow you to get a good hard rock and classic rock tone from grandpa fires. If you use in conjunction with the solid distortion or overdrive pedal you can get some great hard rock tones as well. I primarily like Paulie Smith guitars especially this one with a high gain amplifier. Just to use with a marshall or a Mesa boogie and you can get some great solid hard rock in the metal tones with this guitar. These guitars take drop tuning very well so don't be afraid to use that your discretion.


At new these guitars coming right around $2500 which is a pretty expensive price for guitar but then again this is for a touring professional and a professional guitarist list that time and knows exactly what they want. This is a great guitar for someone who's engaging musician and wants to put a great instrument or hands for recording and live purposes.

drkorey's review"One of the Best Guitars I've Owned"

PRS Standard 22
This is a 1996 USA made set neck guitar. Specs as follows:

•Body: Mahogany
•Neck: Mahogany
•Fretboard: Rosewood w/ moons 22 frets
•Neck Shape: Regular carve
•Radius: 12" Compound Radius
•Frets: Regular PRS
•Bridge: PRS wrap around
•Hardware: Chrome
•Gears: PRS wing-tip
•Electronics: Volume, Tone, 5-Way rotary
•Knobs: Plastic
•Neck /Bridge Pickups: PRS Dragon I
•Finish Colors: Dark red/cherry


Access to the upper frets is somewhat limited by the neck heel and shallow lower horn cutaway. You will need to alter hand position to get to the upper frets/notes.

There is a nice variety of sounds available from the two humbuckers and 5-way rotary pick up switch and it is easy to get a nice array of tones.
The guitar has perfect balance and a great medium thick neck. Very comfortable standing or sitting.

I've got the action set at 3/64" all the way across the neck - it is a great and easy player!
My particular guitar is very light but packs huge tone!
The PRS Dragon I pickups are just outstanding. Some of the best I've played.


I use this guitar with custom built Peters amplifiers, which are kind of a cross between a Peavey 5150 and high gain Marshall/VHT with a little Boogie thrown in, a VHT Sig-X and an Egnater MOD 50. The amps were paired with an Avatar 4x12 that had Celestion G12h -30's and a Splawn 4x12 with Governor/ManOWar speaker combo, a Earcandy Buzzbomb 2x12 w/ Scholz speakers and a Mojotone 3x12 w/ Celestion CL-80's.

I usually go for a nice thick Jerry Cantrell AIC tone, to use with my modern rock/metal band. This guitar can get you any tone you want and good cleans. Suits my style of music perfectly.

I also use this guitar in a few cover bands that I've played in which includes songs from The Rolling Stones, Kings of Leon to RHCP, Poison and System of a Down. It does well with all styles.

This guitar has very nice fat lead tones and nice thick tight rhythm tones that cut through well.

Positions 2 and 4 on the rotary (single coil) do sound weaker than the other positions.

You will also have to watch the amount of bass you dial in on the amp because your tone may get bass heavy with this model.


If this guitar would have had stainless steel frets (which I use exclusively now) I would have kept it longer than the three years I did. I did think about having ss frets installed on it but I thought it might ruin the fabulous tone it had as it was. I also wanted to sell it without the Dragon I pickups (because I could have used them in other guitars) but no buyer wanted that option.

Overall this was a beast of a guitar (in a good way). Lightweight, sounded monstrous, the regular neck carve was a dream to play on.

Value for the used price was a great deal! Knowing what I know now I would have made the same choice every time with this guitar. It was my first PRS (of many) and it was the one I held onto the longest before getting spoiled by ss frets.

I have owned many guitars and had a number of years where I would buy, try and flip, which enabled me to have many guitars around to try out.
This PRS standard is ranked right up there with the best of them in overall satisfaction. This guitar has beat out Ibanez RG's, Charvel/Jackson's, Gibsons, TA's and PRS's that have been in my collection - and I was able to sell them off.

Only a lack of ss frets and shallow lower horn cutaway lower the overall score from 10 to 9.

laulec's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" a cut above! try in a"

PRS Standard 22
mine is without vibrato, not to avoid the worst spring Resonnances (for large metal distos)


the handle is between the Les Paul and the 335 with a little more magic in comfort reminiscent of fluidity Ibanez (yes!)
the general sculpture is very reassuring, and very feminine, the set neck and overweight are very promising
in fact the impression is indescribable, it's like when you try a Porsche for the first time
c is clumsy, powerful and very fluid
to tell you the chords are always right even when you pull the handle
this guitar is organic! as stated in the previous opinion.
very sensual!


out of a Les Paul, the microphones are much more nearly accurate not necessarily more powerful than the lp
we will say more hifi with grain preservé which remains rough.
No sound is never unpleasant even at high levels, it even tenfold magnitude, c is monstrous.
for clean sounds ca n is not a strat but it may be the groin October 1 minute without blushing.
not without laughter can even make jazz with strings and amp and adequate scratch


3 months that I have it and my respect increases day by day
I used the head with a engl fireball and black baffle our warrior 2 * 12 coupled to a like Thiele
a faultless for entry-level!

gibson92's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PRS Standard 22
U.S. model
22 frets
5-position single, double, etc. ..
see specs


Handle vintage highway
a les paul with a handle of Start ...
Easy Access acute
light guitar as a dry
Clear sound good


huge popping sound I'm half cash but it is a guitar pro
I tested it with a marshall ca sends strong
with a severe crack crazy


last month
most lightweight
not need to strap lock
in fact everything is designed to simplify life
was always the sound
the knobs are very effective trSE
nothing bad n'eest
has taken this level of € 2295
we play on details
the top case is also excellent

geher's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PRS Standard 22
Guitar amricaine,
22 frets (as the name implies)
two microphones Dragon II
bridge-type prs stoptail
knob one volume, one tone and one of knob selector type rocontracteur five positions.
thereby select microphones is not always easy and it takes before adapting to navigate easily. when we want to move from a position of dernire it takes some time ...
mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard
repre key type birds on the BPL or it also exists in simple "point"
mcanique blocking type PRS
exactemenbt gray opaque color as pictured.
trs beautiful finish on the PRS, as always, this award
I put nine because I'm still pretty dstabilis by the selector


The handle of my prs is quite big and rounded type gibson. it's a little thundering at dpart especially when we used to play on fender and vigier but you soon and as long as it fits the correct hand position, the handle quickly becomes enjoyable and trs plutt fast (not as much as that of a vigier but ...)
Access in acute is easy without being the ultimate in the Contents (again "defeated" by Vigier), however I have never felt even on ESG Most recent internship freight.
Unfortunately, the weight is the weak point of the instrument. APRS two hours together we feel we have more than srieusement jou then APRS A Day of RPET carrment is unbearable.
However, ergonomics is good and the shape of the guitar can feel good and to the instrument body with the body of the guitar (a little humor does not easily hurt)
However, I take a punch for the weight.
regarding the sound there is nothing to say. I thought this guitar trs type is in fact totally versatile. the slecteurs achieves micro ragissent as they double or single coil either in acute or low.
ds when you can play the mtal, blues or rock with a quality of sound that is well Obviously the glory of PRS.
I prfre me about the position humbucker neck pickup that allows her to have a thick and deep with a lot of harmonics but I also get a Russian who approached her a lot of Start sound but with a little less than "slamming" (fortunately, otherwise I would have ended up selling my Start)
In any case, everyone can find happiness in what configuration nimporte micro because the quality of sound is amazing.
ds at 9 because of the weight


This should scratch any style of music, although it seems more rock leads.
you can always try a little jazz on it but you may be somewhat of.
I use this guitar in the clear on a JMP1 Marshall and his saturated on a ADA MP1.

prampli stand on the head and LANEY VH100R a VOX AC30.
Ingala sustain and harmonics are reflected in any configuration of microphone.


I use this guitar for six months in concert in RPET and in the studio and she never made me lurch
Attout his greatest is undoubtedly sound and sustain, its biggest weakness is the weight which may seem a dtail but APRS is felt for some time. (If your used to the Gibson les paul standart of you should have a problem with)
I bought this guitar while I possdais dj any other style (gibson lp dc std, Fender Start, Vigier Excalibur, godin) I do not regret this purchase at all because the sound PRS and finish are up to my expectations. Guitar is a high quality well finished in the standard trs is also versatile and fits a lot of musical style.
Personally I bought used in 1800 while silent in perfect state if it is a mark of oxidation and bridge pickups which n'altre in no sound.
new, this guitar is somewhat affordable Obviously since there are few silent it still shows 3000. I think however that the quality is paid for and this guitar is worth its weight in.
I ds at the same referrer choice but always opportunities.

Hadjy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PRS Standard 22
Good for data sheet you have everything on the site! Of pure happiness!


The handle is very pleasant! End, high freights, fast, with access to acute tip top! The guitar is comparable to women in terms of its forms! It is exquisite! Average weight should know what you want when it comes to quality! And we get a sound of hell for all types of music very easily by playing with the tone and especially the 5-position microphones!


Personally I touch all styles of music (rock, metal, jazz, classical, funk, ..) even if I play in a punk band! I have a JCM 800 amp head with a double baffle 2x120W and sound, as I said .. SOUND is to go! It's simple you can do everything with perfect sound for each style! Jazz, punk, rock, metal, funk, bossa, ... Swallowing and delivers a dream!


Personally I have been since 2003 and I am crazy! I also have a layer of 75 and it is true that with his two guitars my heart does not know where to turn! The color of this guitar is beautiful! The wood is of great quality with a long sustain for the notes! In short nothing to say! I tried bcp guitar before, through the sg, les paul, lag and other and I must say that although they are excellent guitars, none of them gives me as much versatility as my prs! Ok the price is very expensive but I got it for € 1,500 to more than 1000km from home after having bargained for over 2 weeks so I do not care lol! With experience it is clear that I would do the same choice! Happiness at a price!