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All user reviews for the Behringer Blue Devil GX112

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Average Score:3.5( 3.5/5 based on 11 reviews )
 5 reviews45 %
 2 reviews18 %
 2 reviews18 %
 2 reviews18 %
Value For Money:Excellent
MGR/Robin Steele01/31/2004

MGR/Robin Steele's review"Behringer GX 112 Blue Devil"

Behringer Blue Devil GX112
Bought from local music store (Allen Music) in Paducah, Ky. for $229.00 to replace a small practice amp.

The Blue Devil has plenty of power for practice or a small gig! Still easy to carry, but has great bass response and volume to spare. The 99 preset effects are very good. The clean channel is fantastic! I would put it up against any $1000 amp!

The distortion channel is a little weak if you like to use a heave crunch. A good distortion box in the clean channel is the best way to go with the Blue Devil.

It is very rugged and easy to carry. Haven't had it long, but seems to hold up well.

Fantastic value for the price. I've never seen a unit with so many features for anywhere near this price!

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MGR/Guitarererer?'s review"Behringer Gx112 Blue Devil Guitar Amp"

Behringer Blue Devil GX112
199.99 via Ebay. Smart Buy.

I bought this amp for an up coming gig because I was tired of using one of my other band memebers 120's (My current amp sucked.....alot!) Turns out I got way more than I payed more with the effects, and volume. Also with the stereo out option, I was able to run it through the PA system which helps alot when you have only 60 watts of power.

ONLY 60 WATTS. Never seen a bigger one.

Simple. Durable. SEXY! =D

um.....BUY IT.

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MGR/mdca9's review"Behringer Blue Devil GX 112"

Behringer Blue Devil GX112
I paid $300 from an online store because it had great reviews everywhere i checked. They forgot to mention one thing.

The effects are pretty good and the effects loop is usefull. The sound is great. I love the sound and it works well for small room gigs or recording.

I've done about 3 gigs with this amp and at two of the gigs (one last night) the amp died on me. I just suddenly stoped working. The power was still on but the guitar was not soundig. Great sound does not make up for an amp dieing on you at a live gig.

It's rugged. I carry it around quite a bit. Unless the sound loss mentioned above has to do with moving it because i don't abuse it.

It's good sound but, like I said, good sound doesn't make up for an amp that dies. Just don't expect to use it for live gigs.

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MGR/js's review"Behringer Blue Devil GX112 Guitar Amp"

Behringer Blue Devil GX112
I'm a beginner guitarist. Prior to purchasing this goody, I had been using my computer speakers and/or a tiny little practice amp. Needed something better and louder. Did some research, and Blue Devil had the best price/performance ration. Paid around $210 at an online musical gears store.

This IS a solid state amp. Make no mistake about that. So I wasn't expecting tubes performance. But it sounded better than I had expected. Two independent channels: Heaven and Hell (distorted with gain, and clean). They have some "Virtube" gizmo which is supposed to emulate the performance of a tubes amp. Well, it doesn't sound entirely like a tubes amp, but certainly sounds better than your average solid state job. 60W output, which is more than enough for home practice and maybe a gig for friends at a coffee shop. One thing I like about this amp is that it has built in effects. Not the best sounding effects in the world, but on par with cheapies such as Zoom. I bought the amp for its amp, so anything extra is a bonus. Pretty solid. Doesn't look like it's going to break down anytime soon.

The effects could use a numeric key pad. Only two buttons for scrolling between 1 to 99. The foot switch is nice, but would be better if the pedals are assignable to page through different effects (as opposed to simply toggle the effect on and off).

Solid job. Built like a tank. I could sit on the damn thing while I'm playing (not recommended). All the parts look like they can take up to years of beating. Only thing that may break down are those little buttons for effects. Only three buttons, and you have to press them all the time.

Bottom line is: this is as good as it gets for $200. But don't expect miracle. You ain't gonna get the $5000 performance for $200.

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MGR/RockingChristian's review"Behringer Blue-Devil 1/12 60 Watt"

Behringer Blue Devil GX112
Mars Music. 2001. $300. I needed a practice/stage monitor amp that had adequate I/O - could accomodate a Roland GR-33 Synth & output to a PA, & good tube emulation.

The Inputs & outputs are great. The tone is great. It faithfully reproduces whatever you put through it.
The lines out are well balanced.
It works very well with the VAmp 2.
The effects are very good for a multi-effects unit & outputs in stereo- to headphones, another amp or to a stereo PA.
You'll need a midi foot controller to switch patches easily on stage. I just use the VAmp 2 & a MIDI pedal.

Can't complain at that price. It's now $200+ Tax,S&H.

Adequate- be gentle. I roll it around on a luggage carrier.

I still am happy with this amp after a year+ & use it on stage weekly at a contemporay music based Church. This is not an amp for a large R&R or metal venue- maybe a club or coffehouse would be ok, unless you rely on a PA.

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MGR/Jeff Parker12/04/2001

MGR/Jeff Parker's review"Behringer Blue Devil GX112 Guitar Amp/Workstation"

Behringer Blue Devil GX112
$229.00 (US) plus tax. My 17-year old son is an accomplished guitarist - I bought him a Yamaha FG-150 (yeah, the same acoustic Country Joe McDonald played at Woodstock) when he was ten. We researched internet prices on the Blue Devil, and a local dealer matched the price. We have four acoustics, one electric (a Fender he's having problems with), two classical, and one bass guitar. My son wanted something that combined a number of effects without costing $1000.

What do we like about the Blue Devil? It does exactly what Behringer claims it will do - and more. Last night we recorded an acoustic guitar solo on a four-track (Tascam 424 MkIII) using dbx and moderate EQ'ing. The result was what you would normally expect - a terrific guitar solo accompanied by bias hiss and the usual out of whack highs, mids, and lows on the first run. We ran it through the Blue Devil, first using Compress, then Expand (both on Heaven) and the result was unreal. It sounds fantastic.

I wish there was some way to isolate the effects from the speaker - in other words, tie the Blue Devil in to a recording signal chain like a compressor or reverb, without an active speaker (and without plugging in headphones). If there is a way to do this, I have not figured it out yet.

The materials are durable and attractive. The construction is solid - it has all the signs of a well built piece of equipment. Cosmetically, it is a handsome addition to our studio.

We couldn't be happier - especially after last night's home studio recording session.

The Blue Devil has exceeded our expectations.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Behringer GX112 Blue Devil"

Behringer Blue Devil GX112
I read a great review, went to Millenium Music in Homestead, Florida. They were very helpful and informed. Purchased the floor model (some nicks) for $275.00

I strongly suggest you seek this amp out and comparison shop! This is a very versatile, 65 watt digital amp w/100 watt speaker, 99 factory presets that are all user-editable. 3-band analog equalizer, 2 channels (called "heaven" and hell") includes footswitch. The control panel is very intuitive, Other amps I looked at were the Line6 spider 112, Johnson JT150, and Crate's digital 112. Cd input, headphone jack, midi, closed back. Great blues/rock amplifier. Very premium look/feel (more on that later), especially compared to the Line6, (which only had 4 presets!)and for $100 less. For the money, you cannot find a better amp. If you need more info try

My only real gripe is the power cord (about 5ft), could be longer. I have had no problems in the 2 months I've owned it.

Superb! Buttons and switches have a very premium look and feel. Sturdy cabinet (dark blue), closed back. The contoured front of the cabinet protects the control panel if it should fall forward.

The more I compared, the easier it was to choose this amp. The quality and features for the money simply can't be topped. The final word is COMPARE.

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Anthony.282's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer Blue Devil GX112
See below
60 W transistor
A clean channel and a channel distortion
Full effects
Connections more or less complete
I said that I bought this amp 5 years ago, and I made the store a few weeks later ...


Config simple enough, hard to set effects, we must look at the manual to know what rule.


Not appropriate at all my style, because of its overdriven distortion (when you push the gain on the bottom ...) and moderately clean clean. Therefore inappropriate to play the <a rel="nofollow" href="/plugin-phaser/arts-acoustic/bigrock/?utm_source=audiofanzine&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=netting&utm_content=product&utm_term=big+rock" target="_blank">big rock</a>, grunge, punk and metal are not talking .. In fact I wonder to what kind you could use it. Call the channel drive "hell" is abusive. Or not, in fact it was really well seen ..
A Behringer amp as they were just beginning to make the guitar stuff, and it shows.
Effects obviously can not catch these enormous gaps.
Not at all versatile, a clean-dirty crunch to overdrive asthma.


I kept two weeks I think. 3000F purchased at the time.
I did a lot of bad business, but it was surely the worst.

bilbo17's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer Blue Devil GX112
Amp 60w (RMS) technology to VIRTUBE. you have an input jack and headphone front, as well as insertions footswitch / auxillaire and midi output / line out the back. possibility of inserting an effects loop.
front, you can adjust the equalization, volume entries scratches on his clear and distortion, and a master auxillaire.
the trick seller of this amp is the multitude of effects present. delay in the reverb, chorus to wah wah, through the big distortion.
So on paper, why not.


The manual is a bit stodgy if you want to take time, but at least you have access to different types of possible settings for each of your effects (time, speed, Sensibility, pitch ...). but it's really fast hassle to change everything.
effects after use is very simple. with 2-channel footswitch activate or deactivate the effect or distortion channel (also may have the same effect).
The only catch is that you can not choose the effects with the pedal, but at that time, go directly to a multi-effect with zoom or boss.


If you use a guitar of intermediate quality, with microphones that develop too much, the amp still manages to give her good. not expect a great wah wah (not manipulated / manual and more) or to have the beautiful warmth of a lamp, but it happens.
He developed enough to play in groups or small concert hall.
on the other hand as soon as you plug in a guitar of good quality, or effects pedals made with a real sound level (and similar expectations) bah ... bah ... it's great blah.
the clean channel even in the remaining amount of good sound, some distortion effects are really nice. the reverb is cool. Otherwise, very little for me.


With my solid Cort G100 (short walk from the super cam, but good second scratch) it sounds really good.
as soon as I plug the gretsch double jet, well, welcome to the land of the deaf. and suddenly I spend on a tube amp behind.
same for the use of pedals. Bosses go wrong on it.
same time, I was hooked to the lamps.
I have this amp for 5 years. purchased new approximately € 300.
c never had **** with. it's really costo. while my JCM 900, it is more capricious.
so if you have a small budget and no big expectations for her, go y. but honestly, for the same price, with a few boss pedals, you will sound much better with any vox, laney, marshall or fender.

jerem31's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer Blue Devil GX112
See Sitat before ...


Configuration rather boring, a hundred different effects, may all be means. This amp did pa "sound", with a stratovolcano. fender dureman it sounds, fau dan tou get the effects to try to find her a pass ki ...


C is a behringer!
C pa expensive and can be seen, the sound and rotten!


In short an amp "cheap pa" (300 ac bocoup find it slightly better), because too much can, and the sound of a transistor amp behringer CZ!
try and judge Vou same!