Behringer V-Ampire LX1200H
Behringer V-Ampire LX1200H

V-Ampire LX1200H, Modelling Guitar Amp Head from Behringer in the V-Ampire series.

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All user reviews for the Behringer V-Ampire LX1200H

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 11 reviews )
 5 reviews45 %
 3 reviews27 %
 2 reviews18 %
Audience: Beginners

SlapKid's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer V-Ampire LX1200H
I had this head for about a year, very well done, no reliability problems and I played catch with. And for good reason, the watts are anounce to halve in reality. Well, with two 4x12 boxes is enough anyway!

So digital presets and full of modeled amps, onboard compressor and tutti quanti, good quality I would say.

The big problem is the entry level of the machine, even at the bottom with a scraper not extraordinarily powerful it snaps.
This level is adjustable, but not enough apparently, and it saw the sound.


Ben is not simple, or at least not intuitive. Including the main menu that changes everything, the idea is to adapt the head of each situation keeping the same presets but in reality we do not know where one is.

I put a foot midi yamaha mfc5 and it worked without me of doing anything, phew!

Big negative when it gets changed his silent for a while, line6 did much better.

In fact, this head is far too complicated in view of its real possibilities, speaking sound.


Not bad at all, few dynamic precast but it sounds no worse than the series of spider2 line6. The sounds are varied, I liked the model Engl particular, very nice.
The whole thing sounds pretty sweet, fairly warm, pleasant but I doubt that we can drill properly live situation.

To do this it will be necessary to use specific box, brutal in the midrange and performance per watt.

That's the advantage of a head, actually.


Well, not much to reproach him finally, there is virtually no noise so playable at home without worry. You can even record directly with good overall results. The effects are sufficiently correct to learn to use it, and the noise gate works well.

A nice product, but watch out for the powerful guitars and downtime when changing presets.

vit's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer V-Ampire LX1200H
Numerical modeling amp 120w at 4ohms
70w mono and 2x60W into 8 ohms
The design is rather nice 67 cm long with a weight of 19kg surdimmensionn power. Complete connectivity, perfect for home studio 2 switch pedal provides for movement in the facade of presets Logo Behringer withdraw emergency (4 screws) not because of the quality REPRESENTATIVES of bte


To get the most from the amp to turn the useless buttons (too tedious) to the more fragile pots must be used imprativementl'interface VampDesign 2_03 pc and set the amp via the USB MIDI cable (not provided )
power, 2x60W into 8 ohms, is not to go
giving up the stereo and mono in use
amp full power output 120w mono 4ohms
The AND! As you say it dcoiffe serious.


We obtain easily the santana gary moore (calif amp) and large distortions (Soldano, Marshall) by setting the amplifier to rectify hi brit hi gain or gain Amazing! ! because there is no lamp in preamp. clean all the sounds are well defined. Wide range of preset download: Both say that with the behringer FCB1010 pdalier twelve o'clock we get a super versabilit in extreme ... wha wha, p dale volume and preset management.


On occasion (as product) is the business of the century!
A condition of using a 4 ohm speaker like Fender FM412sl
Warning argus up. some websites continue to sell CARTR demand. Behringer still has the V-amp pro catalog, same as option but power amp. ,
prvoir pdalier twelve o'clock the FCB1010 for wha
I would do this choice rather than a 1000 times ..........

IceSpoon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer V-Ampire LX1200H
All adj t prcedemment said on the subject.


I am a bit surprised by the other opinions on rglages. Indeed the number of possibilities offered by the head is quite phnomnal and each time it took to change sth, it was necessary that I included in the manual that n is not a clear claret Berhinger like any self-respecting. I have faced is the weird stuff (particulirement with reverb button) or when an old effect that trane (the deuxime mainly) without reaching the turn. To change type of autowah etc., I needed at least 10 minutes to find the good rglages, everything with the guitar dangling around his neck. The galre what.
I bought a sound card no longer the head and I connect via the IO noon. And change of decor! The free downloadable via the site is Berhinger (VAMP2) and has become happiness. ACCS was all clear SETTING THE fawn (both the midi channel that the modes scne or live) and more worries for my rgler effects. In addition a pannel of effect is available on their site and in there a lot of good stuff.

In conclusion, I will put a small 7 config mode for stand alone but a big fat 10 VAMP2 with this on my PC.


As said prcdemment, the number of such SETTING THE head is quite large. I could find rglages mtal as well as blues or clean.
Something important for those like me who play mostly with headphones: there is not a fart breath! It is super comfortable.
Not much to add except that various comments I've connected a Pianet-T and the tremolo or chorus effect I have given her a nickel.
As a general rule I use it with an ibanez SA series and a 6 string fretless with my production. No problem so far.


I use it for a little over a year at home to work or repeating.
The report price is really excellent quality and I do it again this choice without a doubt. Obviously It did not see anything with high-end hardware but for a base config, I've never been ashamed of repeating and APRS qq cuts reverb I had no worries for me heard.

Edit 09/10/07
Well I come back the assault APRS qq modif in my config. Previously, playing on an Ibanez SA 260FM, I could not really give a conclusive opinion concerning tural quality of the head and sound coming out. I just (finally) to find me a parker fly deluxe hand and APRS two hours of play on the head and ben ... has sounds great (in fact the pure joy). So I do not change my bill. To give water to the mill, let's say that the room is basically to repeat 20m square battery is just a hair tuft and I'm not even half of the knob of volume. As against it is true that the factory presets are a bit moldy and should be especially reverb Allg.

fouineblanche's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer V-Ampire LX1200H
So I want to post this advice, because I have to tell you the vrit on this head, which I assure you is not as though there was Specifies.
It's a transistor amp with lots of numriques ffects, ca dfonce is beautiful, c flachy thou hast full face with its beautiful red light and all and all ...
but all these rglages makes a super super nice box rgler difficult.

then yes it is the most numerous useful effects as useless: it can fit directly, it's easy plug, it starts up easily and there is a quality of pedals.

for me it's random image bhringer: I want to say that you have with BEHRINGER gear down the line that is: MARKET AND YOU NEVER A PROBLEM, either: fails or AREA AND YOU ARE THE SHIT. .. the better to throw.

After sales service does not exist ....
the amp is used with a body marchal 4X10 Series MG.

On paper it is interesting and first seen as c well head and the possibilities are very diverse: it can play all.

But ultimately it's really really not so powerful, a marshall 30w combo dfonce the valve ...
good word to .... salvation


Then it is between a head-end like the others, anything honestly in the pannel prices I do not think it is cheaper. It is based on rsistant sries, ours is ffice and working well, but of a buddy and always breaking down ...
issue one would use expert, it takes a little time but Adpater Submitted.

They reached the Prinicipal PROBLEM! ! Power ... the head is level prava power and needs to be a background for all scne, pubs and concert hall, c'innodible, the sound is not clear Clair whether to play live background .

In such cases the, the fact is useless, and the total saturation Clair thoroughly.


INTERESTED stuff and some not, here is the conclusion of the sound. I think the marshall Bafle save the deal ...

This does not suit the style of music to the extreme and agrssive live QUALITY: mtaleux the little budding like the oldest will soon be limited.

For jazz and post rock, it's better we get something good and that's it earns points in this conditions: IT IS WELL.

Well if I let my feelings about him I found all dfault the world.
What I have test, H & K matrix, Marshall MG, Peavy Windsor, Leaney, Mesaboogies ...
Okay it's nice to have a head who has a mouth but if it is not powerful it is useless, and put 200 more for a matrix c head day and night.


This is a beginners amp head. That has no competitors in its price range.
To start is the top, it's really not bad, but when we tried the Marshall or any other WARP lamps and well ... how to say, well no one is found.

But do not forget one thing, an amp head for 250 with all its Features and well ouia, ca kills!
because for that price you just a lamp marshall (yes just ONE) ...

It is a product that remains in its price range and an outstanding report rentabilitprix qualitprix Practice.
It has its rpond specifications: head and cheap cost.
First choice for people in need of tunes.

Dunce's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer V-Ampire LX1200H
Modeling amp 120 watts mono at 4ohms, 8ohms 2x60 watt stereo transistor.
entered guitar front, which came in the back for a CD player or other device delivers a line level signal.
2 hp output.
2 output jack and unbalanced format with two balanced output of the mass walkout to attack a live console.
a single loop pre dsp.
I put him 8 / 10 as a digital output for recording as the v-amp pro would have been welcome.


The grip is super fast, there is a personal one with little tired.
the pc via midi editor provides access to the hidden parameter of the head and gives possibilitée to settle the delays in milliseconds and the judge.
the sound quality is the height (in direct recording sound card) and allows different thanks to the cab to really choose a particular color.
for simus amp we'll keep it simple!
I find they do not look like the real amps too mention by Behr, but it is not a handicap, because the head has its own characters and the premise that we want a scratching sound that kills, it start listening to their grain and offers 32 models offered a real range of sounds.
7 / 10 for non-resemblance amps


It's perfect for what I play and more, I attack with all styles of metal, blues, reggae, rock, hard rock, to jazz I use very little of its kind when I expressed a reservation.
I board with a play on Lag Rockline metal master, a js 1000 btb, a custom js bt 1000 95 and 1200 and a js nothing to say head captures the nuances of the guitar pickups and complies with the sound general it.
its got going for the clean guitars (Pete sec) to warm chorus, delay works very well. the reverb is average but I use very little, the lack of realism flanger, echo is great, self wha average, against the wha pedal control by noon is really not bad.
for distos, y'en for all tastes, I think the crunchy fat from crystalline clean to slightly distorted clean nothing is missing.

so hard to say what one likes it as sonoritées from the point found its boneur on this head.

7 / 10 because some things wrong about the effects.


For a year I used regularly, as I board a v-Parallel Ampro in which I use more for the connectors because the sound is almost identhique to the head.

I ais connect different cab, marshall 1960 standart 1960, and also custom (1 with v30 and the other with sheyfields 12/90) and better on cab behr BG412S H or S, because it is neutral and very well make the sound of the amp.

steering noon edition pc make it a must, I board put a whammy in the loop and insert it surprised me.

the major problem lies in the fact that the cab simulation of a small fault and generates a small latencies when switching between two preset cabs.
only way to keep the same cab for a series of preset, it does not bother me because it not change too much when you are one of its kind and remains cédible them.

I board a lot of config test before and this one is one that is best for me at the moment. (were I board the Marshall, Rocktron, rack, head, foot variety)

The value for money is unbeatable for the price of a whammy in France we have a new amp head compatible noon + compared to a certain brand!

it is a choice I would do without a shadow of a doubt to all that concerns head-AMPIRE v and v-amp pro, the sound suits me royally.

this amp deserves a little attention 9 / 10

edit 15 / 07 / 2007

I board the note fell to 7 as its lack of power I put any worries.

I board level problem by coupling it with a marshall 8008, I used my most of the power stage and I board make a proper cab which allows for a dynamic and a good presence.
the cab is a bg where I board 412S 4 rocket put 50 into 8 ohms (stereo mounted which gives me 2x 100 watts into 4 ohms for a 80 amp x 2 into 4 ohms).

the result is really good.

AlienJem7's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer V-Ampire LX1200H

I just buy the gear in question coupled with a cabinet BG412H in the same factory. During the test in the store I was very pleasantly surprised with the quality of its options and "simplicity" of use in terms of effects settings. Wanting to get rid of the pedals often too complex to resolve, and my goal was to get a tube combo just by pasting a "Delay". In short, the sound quality and its mouth (this is my first amp 2 body) made me take the plunge.


Regarding its use, the settings are downright easy to implement compared to all multi-effects pedal I've had so far, hence my choice in the beginning. Where it is complicated a little is when used in groups. Indeed, this amp is given as a 120W mono or stereo 2x60W. It is clear to me that it is actually very limited in power. Even if the connection improves performance stereo (I have to take more into consideration our local rehearsal is quite small, which allows musicians to play down) the power is not really to go, even with a master in more than three quarters and volume effects thoroughly. To make the scene, it'll be a bit light, especially outdoors. In short I am very disappointed on that side and I plan to change it even after three days of rehearsal use and not really convincing as I have described.


The sounds are very correct on the other hand, since they are very good clean sounds with distorted sounds very Metal through a variety of sounds Blues / Rock much fun. The amp models proposed are very different, and that playing it with an Ibanez Jem home only enhances the sound. The same setting can be very clear sound crystal-clear on the mic and many more acute coated / expanded on the micro serious. intermediate positions with the same clear sound gives an impression of playing with an electro-acoustic.

Loadings are also very interesting because with the model Modern Hi Gain example, I get a crunch well, although metal. Coated with a little compressor and echo, I can approach me closer to what I'm looking ... I have not had the opportunity to explore everything yet.


Basically, as shown in the previous two points, I am torn between the quality of modeling with its ease of use, and lack of power manifested in the material ... I conssacre some time to see if there is not a way around the problem, but still, I do not think there is much to do to overcome the problem if not change. That's why I give him a 5 because it is small of course important that the sound quality is excellent but I bought this amp to the stage, not to have a piece of furniture in my living room and more and playing in my sofa. Too bad ...

Grisou63's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer V-Ampire LX1200H
Amplification transistor digital system
2x60 or 1x120 Watts Watts
There plien connectivity to the back of the amp which is very Polivalente
Settings and various sound effects and varied you can really adapt to any style that quickly. The reverbs are a quality exelentes but also any other effects. Saturated sound a very nice grain, "it sounds like the lamp." When I received it I invited my friends scratch at home who told me "It sounds like an amp is Alucine lamps." As a colleague of mine has a Marshall all-tube amp before you buy an orange. M'enfin good by making a priori on the famous brand Berhinger, you would have understood his sounds pretty good.


The configuration is simple as a child of five years to make these specific settings.
Are obtained with a good seed.
The manual is perfect, nothing to say.


I play rock and roll and blues is also this amp suits me perfectly. Are obtained his old school nickel. Sometimes I play good and heavy metal for the big sound I must say it is very impressive.
I use an Epiphone SG.


I use it for the month of March, repeating.
The value for money is incomparable. 460 euros with HP dz very well made too.
I would do is choice without hesitation.

bidroid's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer V-Ampire LX1200H
Amp simulation effect transistors has 2x60 watts


OK sound for versatility, while impeccable, I personally acht to be able to program my sounds and execute sets without having dozens of pedals on the floor.
amp simulations and effects are good enough to use a semi-pro.
programming simple and making heads at the knobs.
we obtain easily the sound you are looking, do not ask for the moon, it's a modeling amp, which allows for a reasonable price, good sound palette.


I use it with my GS GIBSON is true that the guitar there's a lot must therefore have the need to scratch to get the most out of this amp.
good definition of saturated without reaching the grain really lights but the simulation is good trs.
sounds in the clear is pretty good too, just to get the setting that offers a really good diversity in the delays and tremolo and flanger effects type.


I just bought it and frankly recement for the budget that we must invest, or about 460 euros for the amp and speaker cabinet that goes with it is buying more than reasonable, for beginners as for the other c is not good stuff trs trs expensive and powerful, has the height of the renaming of BEHRINGER.
reno from drain03/19/2005

reno from drain's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer V-Ampire LX1200H
Transistor guitar amp head
2x60 Watts
Simus 32 amp - 15 of cabinet simus - 16 effects (noise gate, compressor, delay, reverb, flanger, wah ...)
MIDI functions as a conventional V-Amp (no problem working with FCB 1010 controller from home Berhinger)
It is sold with a small pdalier (2 pedals) to change effects.
(Check out the Behringer website for all information.)


Ultra easy to use.
The factory presets offer some good dj effects.
The manual, without being terrible, help if you meet some problem.


It is ideally suited my style of music (Mtal). The distos are not bad at all and the effects can make very nice tips.
I play it with an Ibanez GAX 75, I use the FCB1010 MIDI pdalier home Berhinger controller for the V-Ampire.
Simus are some excellent amp on the other are not great, seeing unnecessary adpend obviously what is in fact and use.


I use this head for about two months, and I am satisfied with TRS. The report QualitPrix is ​​simply unbeatable! I bought 235 new! It really is perfect for small purses seeking a more than correct. J'tais millionaire if I do not have that choice would do, but since this is not the case I would do without hsiter!

I buy the Board of FCB pdalier 1010 with the passing of an effect the other for the controller wah and other effects ... There is no problem to program, since it is also the Berhinger. It works well with the V-Ampire.

-grm-'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer V-Ampire LX1200H
Tt is di dja


The stem's very sensitive.
if nikel!
the twelve o'clock works very well!


It sounds inch of tt Numerik anologik it sounds (we say Prek a lamp)!
the effect is good in general be


C surtt a good product for its price