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DiscoDSP Music Software user reviews

  • DiscoDSP Discovery

    DiscoDSP Discovery - "overpriced"


    One thing that I really like about the Disco DSP is the Arpeggiator, they have made some major changes to it from the first version of the DSP that came out awhile back. It now has the ability to really control the arps much more now. Like it shoul…

  • DiscoDSP Discovery

    DiscoDSP Discovery - songboy's review


    I run this plugin on a Macbook with Presonus interfaces and it seems to work great so far. I have not needed to use the manual as this synth is setup up like a table top synthesizer and has a very similar setup as most other plugin synths I have use…

Translated user reviews
  • DiscoDSP Discovery

    DiscoDSP Discovery - " hold until ...."


    Installation very easy, I've tested the demo on Mac, PC, and even on an old P3 laptop and it works ... SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Therefore tested with P3 800 mhz 256 MB ram on Mbox min (48 kHz) or i Roland SP606 (44100Hz). 9a walk but it quickly p…

  • DiscoDSP HighLife [Freeware]

    DiscoDSP HighLife [Freeware] - Nyl auster's review


    RAS SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE 3.2GHz PC with cubase software stable home. OVERALL OPINION This handy little sampler VST, you can edit the wave file to fine-tune the loops, choose a mode to play legato and glide to a sample keyboard, set effec…

  • DiscoDSP Discovery

    DiscoDSP Discovery - cyti's review


    The installation was done without any problems on my config. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE AMD 64 3200 +, 1GB DDR, MSI K8N SLI mb ... Sound Card ESI WaMi Rack 192L pregnant Fostex PM-1 this config the plugin runs seamlessly with more than respectable…

  • DiscoDSP Discovery

    DiscoDSP Discovery - Devotion's review


    RAS .. nothing special. As d 'hab SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Pump bcp CPU ... OVERALL OPINION Gnial ... the sound of Nordlead 2 (X) to 15 times cheaper ... the possibilities are standard, easy to use and sound standard. Provided you have a surfa…