DiscoDSP Discovery
DiscoDSP Discovery

Discovery, Virtual subtractive synth from DiscoDSP.

AlanForPresident 06/06/2012

DiscoDSP Discovery : AlanForPresident's user review

« overpriced »

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One thing that I really like about the Disco DSP is the Arpeggiator, they have made some major changes to it from the first version of the DSP that came out awhile back. It now has the ability to really control the arps much more now. Like it should be and the way that it is in most vst synths that you can get now. The first version didn’t have that much control over the arps so you really had to use your other channel basic arp to really get into depth in your arp configuration.


Seems like this this version they gave the whole vst more life, they have made some major changes that have really took it to the next level. Setting it up was quick and easy. There was really no effort involved at all and it took no time to install on my quad core pc running windows vista.

The sounds are pretty good, though there are some that just don’t fit my style at all. But there are over 1100 or so sounds that are built in and have been developed by award winning sound developers. Does this mean that they have created the best sounds ever? No, but I will say that they made a huge jump from the first version from Disco.


I feel the software is just a little overpriced compared to what you can get from other software vst’s that are priced cheaper than this. Price is a huge problem with vst’s and always has been. There are just so many that are overpriced and this is one of them. Not saying that its not good, because it is. Hopefully when they put out some updates they will fix some of the load time in getting your patches to load up. It can get to frustrate me when im in my creation mode and have to wait for a patch to load up.