DiscoDSP Discovery
DiscoDSP Discovery

Discovery, Virtual subtractive synth from DiscoDSP.

paradies 12/02/2010

DiscoDSP Discovery : paradies's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent
Installation very easy, I've tested the demo on Mac, PC, and even on an old P3 laptop and it works ...


Therefore tested with P3 800 mhz 256 MB ram on Mbox min (48 kHz) or i Roland SP606 (44100Hz).
9a walk but it quickly put the stopper (normal!!)

On the PC P4 3.2 ghz, 1 gb ram, SAR (tjs mbox mini or roland sp 606)

On the mac, core duo 2.2 ghz, 1 gb ram, this time with 002 SAR digi ...
The host software is Cubase LE 4.
Found no crash.
Finally everything is better on the hardware, with real knobs, also easier to create your perfs (sounds multilayer sum)


then voila j ai tested vsti free (kind kore player, proteus vx. ..) demos (Waldorf Largo) I heard absynth 5 and several others. and disco dsp is the sound of which seemed as wide. The others were consistently recognized as a vsti in blind listening by my guinea pig kind!
The characteristic that I prefer: compatibility with the lead banks north.
The good value for money. (Especially for the demo lol)

He gave me desire to buy a m north lead ... and here came the drama ... there is a chasm between the two. the hardware has a potato and a width that is yet to pass the Honourable discovery to an mp3 ... (j exaggerated a bit ...) or the "real" spring mix of direct and more live, plug in seems just average ... it's simple, I m used at all, and once again it remains my favorite and far enough .... I find these vsti generally bland and cold. For comparison I put 4 to waldorf largo (which eats cpu, slowing to death, is even more cramped than the metal blofeld ...) 4 NI Absynth and the Korg Legacy, Proteus VX 3 (that is severe but considering the price of a rack used ...) With 5 disco dsp s do not come out so bad .... My favorite Vsti