DiscoDSP Discovery
DiscoDSP Discovery

Discovery, Virtual subtractive synth from DiscoDSP.

cyti 11/14/2006

DiscoDSP Discovery : cyti's user review


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The installation was done without any problems on my config.


AMD 64 3200 +, 1GB DDR, MSI K8N SLI mb ... Sound Card ESI WaMi Rack 192L pregnant Fostex PM-1
this config the plugin runs seamlessly with more than respectable performance, it consumes a little less than 1.5 times more than Vanguard, Z3TA +, Octopus ... Toxic III but less than, for example (this is to be taken lightly because it is in FLStudio on my config. I can not say that it is valid in all cases but it gives an idea)
It is not therefore say that it is in the average consolidated level. CPU


Already used a few times before what differentiates this use recently is that since I played with the North 2 and actually the quality of this virtual instrument is amazing ... immagine a real bass sounds like on the hardware, tablecloths that take space and Audible immence leads, Arps and other sounds virevoletants more precision and depth rarely matched virtually. And I can assure you that a good pair of plays is really impressive

I agree with the opinion before the fact that a midi controller to pots is certainly an excellent companion for the synthesizer (I have unfortunately not yet)