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Nobels user reviews

  • Nobels Sound Studio 1X

    Nobels Sound Studio 1X - " Apart from the breath is rather well"


    Note, I have a simple (not 1x) version 1, with the following differences: fixed chorus, no tone control, no control dist. The machine is like my late rockman, supplied with more and less so 6v 8 6v batteries. As against the Nobels comes with the…

  • Nobels MS-4

    Nobels MS-4 - " Made his taf"


    Switcher can switch programmable noon that four signals (eg Powerball ideal). Programming simple and fast switching (mono or bistable). Possibility of using it to feed a midi foot by fiddling the power supply cable noon. Itself requires a 9V transfor…

  • Nobels Sound Studio 1X

    Nobels Sound Studio 1X - " A rediscover"


    Type of amplification: headphone amp to PDO created in the 80's in the same vein as the Rocktron. 100% analog Connections: 1 guitar input, 2 outputs, effects loop Power: that is to play with headphones or use as a preamp / effect Settings: firs…

  • Nobels MS-4

    Nobels MS-4 - " Practice"


    - 4 switches jack - Programming via twelve o'clock button above each jack connection program changes. - 1 midi in Device robust enough, not too big, easy to break. At the time I had found this one for a price resonnable. I'm using it as my…

  • Nobels MF-1

    Nobels MF-1 - " MIDI foot INDESTRUCTIBLE"


    Over 20 years he has not aged a bit. Although I no longer use it for some time. Connect has a Boss GX-700. A gift I do not know the price. It still works very well and I would use it again it is fine. and easily editable. …

  • Nobels DT-XN Distortion Xtreme

    Nobels DT-XN Distortion Xtreme - " superb!"


    eq and distortion with noise gate, a priori analog jack-jack, battery (super accessible) and power supply (standard) UTILIZATION I have never seen the manual, a priori nothing mysterious in Settings, broad tonal palette, but offers a spectacular …

  • Nobels ODR-S Overdrive Special

    Nobels ODR-S Overdrive Special - Tiger foods's review


    What are the effects, or types of effects available? What technology is used? (Analog, digital, tube ...) Are they editable? Via an editor for Mac / PC? What is the connection? (Audio / MIDI) Is it a rack or rack-mount model? green metal pedal tha…

  • Nobels MF-1

    Nobels MF-1 - " Basic and robust"


    I use it to control a Boss GX700 Multi effects, he does his job. The big advantages of this pedal its robustness and its 10 switches to have a live panel of 10 sounds. No major flaws, just sometimes a little "poc" when going to a powerful sound…

  • Nobels Loop-Master

    Nobels Loop-Master - " TRUE BYPASS POWERED BY RELAY 9VDC"


    is no effect loop which is driven either by a latch footswitch or by a control type engl z11 or whatever. 9 VDC power supply, input 1 100m, 1send, a return, an output A switch to test the effect DATR placed the send and return is active 6.35 a mo…

  • Nobels FU-Z Fuzz

    Nobels FU-Z Fuzz - " Excellent fuzz!"


    See below. UTILIZATION See below. SOUND QUALITY See below. OVERALL OPINION It 'is a very good fuzz rather vintage (Big Muff, Fuzz Face). On the excellent value for money, super strong box in the settings the lighter the crunch is very goo…