Nobels ODR-1 Overdrive
Nobels ODR-1 Overdrive

ODR-1 Overdrive, Overdrive pedal from Nobels.

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Jofree 10/04/2005

Nobels ODR-1 Overdrive : Jofree's user review


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Analog overdrive built in a block mtal trslger (aluminum?) With input, output, remote, battery power (very well Designed also because the cache is located on top the pedals) or sector. Only BMOL, the knobs seem even more fragile than when a Boss.


Could not be more simple, turn the knobs, you press and you enjoy your esgourdes! The knobs are ractifs, particulirement the spectrum that allows you to easily find your rglages in the clear. For the drive, up to 5, the sound is pretty clean and then 5 10, you get into the spirit o you start wondering if you would not naintrieur the tubes! For the level, there's nothing to say ...


As said prcdemment, there is a sense pedals with this amp to play on a lamp. 0 of 5 on the drive, we get a contribution of grain and sustain the sound without distorting, and respecting the original timbre of your 6-string. It starts cruncher srieusement once the drive Exceeds 5. Then up to 10, we find the spirit trs SRV, Led Zep or AC / DC. It sounds both Les Paul and Start on the low end. Sonic and sonic possibilities are many and this, in full respect of the identity of your scratch and is trs fun!


I had moults effects pedals but never overdrive even if I tried other time. Frankly, I who have been used to playing on amps lights, I recognize that this is qu'agrable pedals. In my opinion, one can find all types of its "drivquot; a combo tube type Fender and Marshall great era. There's better (but trs rare) to much more expensive ( like the Maxon pedals) and there's clearly worse but for 60, and delivers new dipstick was home! It's been three weeks and I have in relation to the quality I ' tell me that the other effects on offer by the brand worth some attention srement length. In short, I dlivre the Nobel Prize! o)
Small precision, I'm talking about the last MODEL of the ODR-1. I just get a hold of the old version (the green), which IMHO does not meet all the original sound of the guitar. For cons, the Drive is much consquent.