Nobels PRE-1 Preamplifier
Nobels PRE-1 Preamplifier

PRE-1 Preamplifier, Solid-State Guitar Preamp from Nobels.

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Triss 11/21/2010

Nobels PRE-1 Preamplifier : Triss's user review

«  Very good boost to do everything »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Boost pedal / preamp very versatile.
One volume knob, a treble of a bass.
9V power supply not included, can be operated with a battery.
Only 8 because maybe one of knob medium would open other opportunities.


Several possible applications:
In effect loop:
* Boost simple: it allows you to mount the volume and change the treble and bass while remaining extremely transparente.Pratique to be heard for solos.
* Insane treble: I play death metal and progressive metal = I need a big popping sound, dug in the midrange. This pedal can turn the distortion of any amp disto oily wish if you set the treble close to the maximum. In addition, high-volume, my Randall really too low, this pedal can correct the situation perfectly.

Between guitar and amp:
Allows the modidier egualisation and volume of sound coming from the guitar, especially useful for low-level microphone output.



even greatly increasing the volume, and increases the treble in a rather astounding (especially in the setting to +5 or +4.5)


Very good value for money. Offers numerous possibilities. I've had it 3 years, after a lot of repeats and concert, she is still in one piece. It's a pretty solid pedal for this price range. For 60 euros I do it again without hesitation that choice, we always find a use for this kind of pedal.

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