Nobels Loop-Master
Nobels Loop-Master

Loop-Master, Other MIDI Controller from Nobels.

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jelly.roll 10/12/2011

Nobels Loop-Master : jelly.roll's user review


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is no effect loop which is driven either by a latch footswitch or by a control type engl z11 or whatever. 9 VDC power supply, input 1 100m, 1send, a return, an output
A switch to test the effect DATR placed the send and return is active
6.35 a mono jack to control the looper
everything is analogue
just the flat ground between the jacks are common so be careful to ground loop hum when occurs
Two solutions
we use isolation transformers and the bill climbs quickly
you lift the weight of the cables used to send and return to see but one side effect if the insert is placed in powered from the mains with earthed
attention also to the masses due to isolation effects mauvaix (scrap metal scrap metal cons = loop)

it's stupid and nasty it works it does not work no need to use it for polytechnic!

a bit noisy at closing of the contacts (relay type finder)
and the risk of ground loop may become Nutcracker!

I still used but less and less, especially in the place I return to send a boss ns-2 which filters the switching noise of the relay
Today there are other solution Wobo style, Gigrig, Voodoolab, RMJ, but this is not the same budget either!

it works fine if you use quality cables, good power supplies

at the time or only bradshaw rsb 12/18 and patchmates ruled this was the best solution for budget

Today I've always just in case !!!!!