Hammond L100 P

Hammond L100 P

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L100 P, Organ from Hammond.

4 user reviews
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Hammond L100 P tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Hammond
  • Model: L100 P
  • Category: Organs
  • Added in our database on: 11/17/2004

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Hammond L100 P user reviews

Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 4 reviews )
 1 user review25 %
 3 reviews75 %
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DeepPurpleSR's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"A hammond organ full!"

Hammond L100 P
Hello! Then there's time I tell myself that I must give my opinion in relation to this organ! So here it is:

Then this is a Hammond organ L100-P severely phonic and lamps! So without transistor is full of lights! It dates from the late 60 'memory! It is also known by the name Hammond B porta but beware, the L100p is manufactured in Belgium and recognizes "buttons" sliding "while the Porta B is manufactured in the USA and is recognized by push buttons / Pull!

This is a key synthesizer non waterfall (ie not as the B3/C3 A100 M3 ...)

Acquires a pedalboard and a pedal expression! In short, a Hammond organ, so no velocity, aftertouch .. Logic!

It is about 100kg and is divisible into two, upper / lower part and despite its weight (and yes friends, the weight is in Newtons) very easy to carry, it comes in a 307 seat down happily!

It has 2 x 44 keys, 44 upper, 44 lower with 8 drawbars for lower, 2 for the bottom bracket, and 9 for the upper!

It is one of the few to have perceived the 5th (fifth) in addition to the 2nd and 3rd!

- Chorus
-2 Vibrato small / normal
- Movement control leslie (ie compliant 122/147)
- A button to amp
- 1 button for the decay of perceived (adjustment of time it will take the sound of a perceived fade): slow / fast
- There there's also a button to adjust the reverb has right lower)

Warning: the perceived apply only on the upper, this is normal in Hammond. (You can adjust the intensity of perceived via a screw on the amp for this one was in the upper part of the organ, the right if I remember correctly ..)


Good config is simple, you guessed it, it's old stuff!

Zippers are accessible by playing well, not a problem!

Ah yes, I recently had a problem with expression pedal, I disassemble quickly, and it is simple, as you know this is a sensitive pedal so sensitive to the light!
So rapidly, currently under the pedal a sort of diaphragm which is perpendicular to that according to the above effect, more or less enter in a cylinder with a slot of course, wherein the photoreceptor is a (left, which captures the intensity of the light), and a right bulb.
However, most received light intensity is lower than his strong will, and vice versa! So the more the pedal is down, hide the photoreceptor of the bulb, the intensity will be less strong and therefore more sound will be high! BRIEF!

So the bulb is a Philips 6W4V that are often found in the flagship scooter, so go to a small hotel, it will give away, it will save you all the time that I 'I was going to spend in shops etc, while the mechanic, going to see, me out in less than a minute because "all good mechanic who respects himself is one in the pocket"

Short, practical question but very useful to me!


So, first of all, the sounds are oriented blues / jazz!

Being passionate deep purple (see my review on the Roland vk8m ;))
I can not play it, it does not go at all! Well we can still have a nice sound by saturating a leslie (like jon lord Moreover, most of the time, it remains plugged on marshall! Marshaux told of?

In contrast to the rest of it is really nice, and excellently reflects the spirit hammond, the charm of a real wheel hammond sound a lamp!

The smell of hot oil, motor hum .. etc. .. He who loves hammond love this one, even if we agree this is not a B3 or A100! I play on a B3 and many clones!

I do not think we should compare, consider this L100p for a full instrument and not a distant cousin of B3 or else! Sincerely! It has a charm to him that B3 will not and vice versa of course! But in my opinion, compared between two hammond (not clone) is not really constructive!
Because they all have differences! Besides all b3 does not sound the same! So take a step back and say that they are not in the same school yard! I also know many people who have B3/A100/C3 and also have a L100/L100p/porta b, because they do not meet the same needs!

So if not for the sound more precisely, I find hot, nice and really fun even if it loses fishing in acute .. But it all depends on what you plug! Leslie 760/122/147, leslie simulation (the best in my opinion is the neo ventilator) or poor computer speakers ..

It has two internal HP, rotten to me, that is why the majority of owners remove them to gain a few pounds! And besides, with internal HP, you will not even effect leslie!


I used it for about 1 year! I bought it because I dreamed of having a real Hammond organ! I'm only 18, and I knew the hammond organ thanks to Jon Lord, there is now 10 years (I started with Child in Time) I just decrypted piano, child in Time a dead or Alive via hey Joe, taken from deep purple has its beginnings .. And I actually wanted to discover the world electro mechanical!

As I said, for deep purple it's not worth thinking about, but as first Hammond is awesome! There is, moreover when one comes from the non analogue or electric piano conventional medium or even electronic, synthesizer etc, you say "wow but this thing is alive" yeah it's alive and that is why it clings to the first glance!

So now I'd like pushing a small rant, and I hope that vendors L100P or even L100 L122 etc. ..

-> Stop selling € 1000 is fully C **! Honestly, this is because it there's brand Hammond that "it is, in my god I can sell 3x more expensive" it's not like the Stradivarius eh!

Hammond organ M3, touch etc. waterfall (small B3) him, rigor could be worth € 1000 and again from 800 to 900 € would be nice!

It's like a B3 € 12,000 I do not understand! While a C3 is exactly the same but furniture is for 4000-5000 € (with leslie 122) the tier almost! The same for the A100 that are even better than B3 (newer, improved console) Why? I do not know fucking nothing, ah yes: the prestige!

I love Hammond, the same way I like moog for analog synthesizer! But stop overestimate your hammond!

Here, the L100p I sold it a month ago, no good speaker, (seriously, who uses it? Without leslie effect?) .. I sold € 400! I think 500-600 € is the extreme maximum for L100p in good condition! And yet, what I was attached to it, my first hammond, I had trouble but hey, it was to buy additional equipment that suited more to my style of music that I love jazz!

So when I see a hammond organ L100p 900 € for sale, it makes me chuckle is the price of a good closer to a B3 M3, if one wishes to make the comparison!
Or even a transistor hammond has decayed 80s with sounds of toys sold 500 €, I really must say that knowing anything about it anyway!

Anyway, that was my little rant, but I think it must be reasonable and take our gear has its fair value in all categories! Even though I'm the first to say that a musical instrument is an object, but a tool to express ourselves, produce, and put our thoughts in music! But still ...

I would do this choice! But try to get an A100 or C3 anyway ..

abyssum's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good!"

Hammond L100 P






Very good Hammond organ has a low price, best that emulation, you have the lamps grain and excellent built-in amplifiers for cheap!

Drawbars's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Instrument, wonderful!"

Hammond L100 P
2 keyboards 44 note pedal + 13 notes, designed as a spinet ...
Sounds to infinity, they are managed by zippers (9 for Upper, 7 Lower, 1 16'pour pedals.
Percussion: 2nd, 3rd, fifth + decay.
Electronic vibrato (2effets) chorus pedal for sustain.


No need for manual, like everything vintage.


Hammond is the sound, in all its splendor, more typical for the variety! been reduced keyboards, it is bad for classical music, but the sounds are very close to a "pipe organ" for jazz, it's the same keyboard too small, lacks the 16 'to the left hand ! but the bass is very deep!


I use it for my hobby, and I am very satisfied! no comparison with clones!
I appreciate his dynamic keyboards (not waterfall) incomparable touch.
It is a tonewheel, 70s, in any case, I do séparerais!

9703michel's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hammond L100 P
Model Spinet (2x44/ped 13) foldable crate very strong and massive. We greatly appreciate the rigidity of the entire organ mounted.
It is an instrument to play and really easy to handle.
2 outputs and a 6-pin jack.
3 percussion
2 vibratos
spring reverb.
2 small integrated speakers provide the sound in the absence of leslie.


Personal use: L100P + Leslie 760
Configuration ideal for stage or apartment.
The order of effects (vibrato / percussion) are controlled by ILS, which limits any passage of dust or other.
Simple, easy disassembly, the chrome legs become handles for transporting the pedals.
Handles have been added on my own for the transport of keyboards.


Only problem the rest is lost from fishing in the acute as the majority of hammond spinet. Also lacks the reverb pedal for that seems always a bit "dry."
If it is wired to a leslie, the sound becomes quite different.


I am personally very satisfied with my L100P. It is very suitable for my use I make of (amateur), I have not had the pleasure of going out.

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