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BadApple 03/23/2011

iZotope Ozone 3 : BadApple's user review

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This ozone 3 is a great mastering suit, it is outdated now by ozone 4 but it is still good and a little cheaper so if you can not afford the new ozone 4 then you could pick up this one very easily.
Its a quick download and installation and works with all digital audio workstations such as fl studio and pro tools.
Everything is pretty easy to understand but may take your time to fully grasp the plug in.
Its easy to use and the presets are very helpful if you are just starting out mastering your work for the first time.
The manual is pretty clear and I have learnt a lot from it.
Very nice and un-stressful to install.


With my laptop having 4gb ram and a 1.8GHz processor it runs pretty smoothly but it still eats the cpu quite a lot.
I mean if you open it on a blank document and turn it on it will be using 40% of your cpu for just being on.
Best way to stop your computer from lagging with this plug in is to export a wav file of your finished project and then go onto the mastering stage in a new project. This is my preferred method of mastering my tracks now as it is less stressful to do.
I used this a lot until I finally got ozone 4 but I can not remember how long I have actually used it for... sorry.
Everything on the plug in is stable and it has never crashed on me.


I dislike the amount of cpu that it uses, apart from that it is great but since there is ozone 4 out now I would recommend you just go for that instead.
Quality of sound is great, presets are great.
Everything is great on this program.
I would still use ozone but not this one as I have ozone 4 and I like that a little more.