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peepsaudio 09/11/2008

iZotope Ozone 3 : peepsaudio's user review


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Ozone installed without any problems for me. It is not a large program so it went very quickly. I didn't have any compatibility issues when installing it. The configuration and setup is very simple, you just load it into your VST plug-ins list and then you should be all set to use it. The manual is very detailed and has pictures to help out, so it's definitely sufficient.


I am running a windows XP system with Nuendo. It is a Dell computer and has a dual core processor and 4GB of ram. Ozone works perfectly fine on this system. When you are running a whole song through ozone with each of the 6 mastering modules engaged (EQ, Loudness Max, Reverb, Exciter, Stereo Imager, and Multiband Compressor), you will be getting a very heavy hit on your CPU. This is a very processor intensive program so you will want to wait til the very end of your work before using this one. It is very stable, it has never caused any crashes that I can remember.


I have been using this for about 3 years. Immediately, even when I barely knew how to use it, it made my recordings sound worlds better. I'm not sure what kind of crazy geniuses they have at iZotope, but they know what they're doing. This is truly a must have piece of software for me - I use it on every single thing I do. My only real complaint about it is the heavy CPU toll, but it is definitely worth it. Also you should just export a Wav of your mix, and start a new project file with only that file running through Ozone, and the CPU won't be as much of a problem. This is by far my favorite software mastering suite on the market. The value is great, I'd pay twice as much for it. I would definitely get it again.