SoundToys SoundToys v4
SoundToys SoundToys v4
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All user reviews for the SoundToys SoundToys v4

Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 4 reviews )
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 2 reviews50 %
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yoTrakkz's review"good quality bundle of effects"

SoundToys SoundToys v4
This is a bundle of EQ plugins that will be highly functional and cover a lot of your bases. They are all based on analog EQs and console EQs, so they work more or less the same way. The names of each EQ plug-in are PSP ClassicQ , PSP ClassicQex , PSP ConsoleQ , PSP McQ , PSP preQursor and PSP RetroQ. There were no compatibility issues with these guys at all for me. The manual gave me all the info I needed on setting the plug-in up which took no time at all. These all have really basic interfaces so they were really easy to use once I got going.


I have been able to run this plug-in on many tracks simultaneously with no problem. Therefore I'd say the plug-ins work great. They all have the same response in terms of taking CPU power. I've had a quick, painless performance from it. I've used them a few months now and I feel pretty comfortable with them all. They all have their unique properties which make them all worth it, and make the bundle that much more effective for engineers.


I think that these EQs are all really great for plug-ins. The fact that they have the hardware interface actually makes them easier to use than some of the newer digital ones. There's a plugin that emulates the classic early british EQs which works fantastically well overall. There are elements of Amek, SSL, Neve, and API EQs in all of these plugins. So I'd say overall it's well rounded and modeled after the best elements of great consoles, so while they are based on classics, they are unique in the sense that they combine different elements of each EQ. I've used some really good plug-in EQs and these are some of the best I've tried. They work just as well as any of the others I've used.

synfactory's review"Great FXs for a great Price!"

SoundToys SoundToys v4
Plugins FX Bundle by Soundtoys.

It includes 8 different fx plugins that are:
Crystallizer: Reverse Echo Effects, MIDI-synced reverse delay for unique backwards effects.
Reverse Echo effect inspired by Crystal Echos preset on H3000.

Decapitator: Analog Saturation Modeler, based on 5 sources

EchoBoy: Delay/Echo Plug-In, Warm, high-end tape echo, modeled after Ampex ATR-102. Perfect for lead vocals.
Select from 30 different echos styles, including Echoplex, Memory Man and DM-2 pedals, Space Echo, and more.
The only echo with true "groove". Adjust shuffle, swing and accent.

FilterFreak: Rythmic Resonant Analog Filter
PanMan: Rhythmic Auto-Panner, Two fully programmable rhythm modes for total tempo locked control.
Full dynamics control over speed, offset and width let the music control the feel.
Classic trigger divider panning as seen in the vintage PanScan.

PhaseMistress: Analog Phaser, Reproduce all the original phase sounds from classic to modern.
Flexible but easy to use interface with precise control and automation.
Rich analog sounding stereo phasing without the noise of hardware.

Speed: Tempo and Pitch Control

Tremolator: Tremolo and Auto-Gate, Accurate emulations of vintage tremolo pedals, amps and instruments all in one plug.
Unmatched auto-gate rhythmic control for a powerful remix tool.
Lock to MIDI for tempo and beat-synced tremolo.

I’ve used this in Logic Pro 8 and 9, in 32 and 64 bit mode without a problem.
I have a Mac Pro 2.66 Quad Core with 8 GB of ram and a White Macbook with Intel Core 2 Duo Cpu with 4 GB of Ram.
The installation is really easy and the the manual is well written.


Never had a problem.


My favourite ones are Decapitator and Echoboy.
Echoboy is my favourite echo/delay plugin and Decapitator is fantastic to dirty tracks that are too polished.
But I have to admit that every plugin in this bundle have a lot of character, and you can hear from the factory presets that the possibilities are endless.
From subtle effect to complete destroying of the original track, with Sound toys you can have it all, and for a really good price.
Can’t wait to hear their new plugin “Juice” that models the character of five legendary mic pres. I’m sure it will be a blast.
Pat One04/22/2011

Pat One's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good"

SoundToys SoundToys v4
No problems with install.
The grip is not necessarily easy because these plugs are very powerful and can edit them in great detail by the panel systems that open to provide access to other settings ..


I7 920 PC with Cubase 5.

These plug ins are more CPU-intensive programs. SoundToys emphasizes sound, and uses algorithms that mimic the behavior of analog machines so it eats a lot of CPU. There were some bugs with version 4.0 of the plugs, but since version 4.1 plug ins work perfectly and are stable.


I use them for almost a year. These are great plug ins, developers are alumni from Eventide, and plugs are designed to reproduce the sound of analog machines. I will not detail them all but my favorites are the delay, filters and saturation. Special mention to the panner and phaser but they are all excellent.

One thing is for sure these plug ins are what is best in their field, their analog audio is passed (although it's still plug ins) and when they are regularly utlise we see that it is very difficult to recreate their behavior and their sound with other plugs. Another positive: the modulation capabilities built into these plugs: LFO, envelopes, etc.. while the ultra customizable. Frankly these plugs are a real success.

For the negatives: I just wish that their CPU that I can not use it much as I want, but the sound is good there. Similarly, the price is not given, I hesitated before buying the bundle but I regret it. First reservation can be the interface, not obvious to take over at first but I got it.

krryss's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)"Good bundle"

SoundToys SoundToys v4
No worries for the installation, once the installer downloaded from the site SoundToys, double click and follow the instructions on the screen. Nothing could be easier. Requires iLok key. I use Logic Pro 9 (AU) as well as Live 8 (VST) and in 2 cases I found no inconsistency.


I have a MacPro early 2009 with a quad Xeon 2.66Ghz and 6GB of ram and a MacBook Pro 2.33GHz core2duo 2006 and 3GB of ram (with 10.6). In 2 cases, there is no performance worries, a "Analog" is present on all plug-ins consumes a little more, but nothing too bad. Much will depend also on the number of plug-ins open at the same time ...


The sound is high quality and generally plug-ins are pushing us to be creative. I tried the bundle, some time ago by doing a quick survey and had been packed by the delay, Echoboy, finding the remains relatively average. It seemed that in most cases the plug-ins native to Logic or Live sounded equally good. I had the chance to work again with this bundle and there, it is clear that the sound quality is far superior to what we found through some competitors or via freeware. Crystallize: as a reverse delay, I have not found better, again it can go very far, but everything is in the parsimonious use too crazy with the settings could annoy the listener. Decapitator: For me, it's typically the kind of distortion that I use very subtly, to add character, but I'm not a fan of his if it is to push the distortion completely. (I prefer in this case Ohmicide OHM) Echoboy: I use delays of DSUs (EP-34 and RE-201), Waves (SuperTap and H-Delay) and I love them, but is truly unique Echoboy It has character and can have a modern sound as retro. Try eg. just the basic preset "Default" on a voice and immediately the whole takes on a pro it sounds. (Eg Magnificent U2. With the exception of EQs and compressors, the only effect used on Bono's voice is Echoboy, it sounds natural-source: SoundOnSound-is just fine even without overdoing it and view all emptied on you tube) FilterFreak: Filters Live and Logic are not bad at all, I also WOW SugarBytes and TAL-audio filters that I love, but again FilterFreak goes even further. When the filter is completely closed and opens with a musical loop for example, means the side "analog" is missing on others (except the Moog filter DSU, also excellent for this side "analog"). Only by comparing it to other FilterFreak noted that according to the task but the difference is minimal when, eg., It completely closes or opens the filter completely or that it pushes the movement of filters far enough, it is the only one that's pro. Possibilities of movement of the filter out of the ordinary, everything is programmable (like all other SoundToys elsewhere). Note that it comes in two versions, the FilterFreak 2 can have 2 tapes in series or parallel. PanMan and Phase Mistress: I put them both in one basket, because a priori this is not what interested me most on paper. Pan and Phaser ..... Yeah. Until I started to work seriously with these two plugs and I notice that not only what they did, they did well, but compared to what more can offer other products, they are fanstastiques. PhaseMistress Example: I am not a fan of the phaser and leave an open track with a phaser, I think it means. But applied sparingly (I'll get:) ) and / or create automation on the track, and there is this kind of effect all its grandeur. I was also surprised by how "analog" of the two plugs. For me, making a sound right to left (PanMan) so "analog", I could not see .... so now and I love o) Tremolator: me and tremolos that's two .... in fact, it was two before Tremolator: PA again everything is programmable, it's great ... As always, leave a trail static, ie without automation. or just put the presets one behind the other will never give you a clear idea of ​​what is offered these plugs (this applies to all other plugs, whatever the brand). My advice is, of course, try before you buy, but to really try and push a little further than what we usually tend to do to realize the potential of this bundle. In summary I would say that like SoundToys effects, one can find equivalents elsewhere, directly included in the workstation, from contestants or freeware, but SoundToys offer this polish, the little thing more could be told: I do not understand, I put a filter or a delay as a commercial record, but it sounds in pros still a notch above. Well look no further, with this kind of plug in your arsenal you'll also have that thing sounds a notch above. PS: SoundToys demos that can be seen on YouTube, made by SoundToys themselves are pretty rotten, both in sound quality and content. (Apple Loops with the guy that makes above average settings .... bof .... really try for yourself and make your own idea)