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  • Korg WaveDrum Global

    Korg WaveDrum Global - " Excellent tool"


    I use it for over a year. I had not tried any other model before, but I had a variety of percussion and an electronic drum kit. I love the format, and the sensitivity of the sensors, I also like being able to change game modes, sticks, brushes,…

  • Alesis E-Practice PAD

    Alesis E-Practice PAD - " made his taf"


    How long have you use it? qqs days, bought ocaz on LBC I had with pedals HH and GC and bagettes for half the price of new. What is the particular feature you like most: pad correct equivalent work function roland, softer and quieter than I imagi…

  • Millenium synth drum

    Millenium synth drum - " convincing drum pad, clone or almost Wavedrum in light"


    2 months 3 attempts before you buy quality / price ratio, there's no picture THOMANN book in 48 hours tools ideal for training over 200 drum sounds world (Nort japan, india ...) or heavy use home studio guy skin accepts chopsticks or h…

  • Korg WaveDrum Mini

    Korg WaveDrum Mini - " Amazing toy!"


    Percussion specialists, go your way: there is nothing to see here! Nothing comparable to Handsonic nor Wavedrum. This is not accurate, not noon, can not sync the clock with any external system, not even internal metronome to lock onto the looper, the…

  • Boss HC-2 Hand Clapper

    Boss HC-2 Hand Clapper - " Clap typical analog module"


    The pedals Boss HC-2 is an analog sound gnrateur type "hand clap", in line with those found in analog rhythm boxes in the same era, DR110, 808 ... The sound can be dclench by hitting the pad (hand wand), or with a CV between. The pad / CV Ragit …

  • Simmons Digital Claptrap

    Simmons Digital Claptrap - " Love"


    Hardware module almost 1 / 2 Rack Its digital Eprom (clap, but can be changed to something else) + Noise Analog ... 2 sources of its editable by knobs of facades: Clap Pitch / Decay Clap / Noise / Noise Pitch (Filter) / Decay Noise / Noise Clap…

  • Korg WaveDrum

    Korg WaveDrum - " Handsonic Vs Wavedrum"


    I use it for 1 month, I also own a roland HandSonic HPD10 and an electronic drum. The HandSonic and Wavedrum are very different, though complementary. I use the HandSonic more like a drumkit, the sounds are very clean, very clear, very roland. For …

  • Korg WaveDrum

    Korg WaveDrum - " Huge"


    I have been using since July 2010 so a few months ago. It must first understand it's a synthesizer, said synthesizer and therefore who says you can solve just about anything: sensitivity or speed typing, levels of algorithms (the algorithm is the pr…

  • Korg WaveDrum

    Korg WaveDrum - Madmike's review


    For how long have you been using it? I received in January 2010, and since I discovered all its possibilities one by one. What thing do you like most/least about it? Pros: - It's a kind of electronic percussion instrument, but music, so an instr…

  • Roland RMP-5

    Roland RMP-5 - LeKapi's review


    Trs to work well at home when you do not possde Edrum or pads cahoutchouc style (it's really better than what kind of pads when same). I have not used since trs I quickly acquired a Edrum but little time with me much aid. The mesh head is a plus …