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Other Guitar Cabinets user reviews

  • Orange PPC108

    Orange PPC108 - " Not great ..."


    I ordered it without trying to go with my good Vox Lil'NIGHTRAIN: motivated by his nice face, size contained the reputation of Orange and its low price. I said that I have tried with the Nightrain and it worked thus 1.2 Watts (as the PPC108 is an 8 o…

  • Fender Dual Showman 2x15 Cabinet

    Fender Dual Showman 2x15 Cabinet - " I have backache"


    It dates from the time of silverface bassman, mine is from 1974 and is equipped with 2 JBL speaker! dislocated it to death and it sounds vibrate the slip as low must my love! …

  • Zt Amplifiers Lunchbox Cab

    Zt Amplifiers Lunchbox Cab - " Good addition, but ..."


    In fact, the Lunchbox (2) agrees to feed a second HP (8 Ohms minimum and strong!). I then tried a low amp cabinet (10 ") which gave good results with a guitar: it was the day (clear Lunchbox) and night (muffled sound of the bass). In a word, unusable…

  • Vox amPlug Cabinet

    Vox amPlug Cabinet - " Nice decoration"


    Bought on a whim to go on vacation. It renders very well the breath of Amplug AC30! Can not find the right sound, the tone of the mini guitar and the sound Amplug still very showy. Now I use it as decoration in my home studio. It is for displa…

  • Vox amPlug Cabinet

    Vox amPlug Cabinet - " Works even without Amplug connected!"


    I almost sell it because I had another small amp that served its purpose and that I preferred. Until I discovered that he could function without Amplug connected to it. Just put a jack MONO (major) into the guitar to turn it on, and you can plug y…

  • Vox amPlug Cabinet

    Vox amPlug Cabinet - " A real mini speaker"


    I use it with the Amplug AC30. This is the only mini amp I found that is not plastic. His well-priced for a mini amp, even though from a certain level it crunch. …

  • Rivera Los Lobottom SUB 2

    Rivera Los Lobottom SUB 2 - " A bomb vibration!"


    Active subwoofer 500w! - Support for connecting to the heads Rivera (Bonehead for me!) Or insert in any loop amplifier, or amp speaker output. Loop to insert effects (the sub does not monopolize the loop for your purpose!). Switch-bypass treble…

  • Vox amPlug Cabinet

    Vox amPlug Cabinet - " Running in stand alone! Yeehaa!"


    Vox amPlug firm Amplified speaker HP Original VOX 3 "x 1 Output Power: 0.7W 9v battery included can be fed by transformer 9v 1 input jack (on top of HP) to connect amPlug 1 input jack for instrument A stereo mini jack for connecting to the he…

  • Vox amPlug Cabinet

    Vox amPlug Cabinet - Micmic__'s review


    Although bluffil a trunk that gear. in fact, it is an active speaker (personally, I did not know before receiving yet be seen in the photo), the battery is supplied with VOX thank you. I use the plug AC30 my faith a lot for the use that I have, …

  • Rivera K312 Power Sub

    Rivera K312 Power Sub - eugenoel's review


    I use it for 2 years. I tried a score of front baffle to crack before that obviousness: it's the best speaker in the world! by far! It comprises a formwork solid birch finland (it's heavy !!!), with 2 Celestion Vintage 30 "made in england" (true, so …