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Other Guitar Cabinets user reviews

  • Laboga Mr. Hector 312 A

    Laboga Mr. Hector 312 A - samleouf's review


    For how long have you been using it? I use it for almost three weeks. What thing do you like most/least about it? The +: its power and its special grain gives the "Black Label" the -: no original wheels ... this is just a detail but it's sti…

  • Brunetti Neo 1512

    Brunetti Neo 1512 - Higher Gain's review


    As told previously 2 hp, 1 v30 and Jensen 15, very big hp. at first sight I was expecting something to death, fat distortion patator kind dimebag darrell and bin no, not at all, there are many low yes, but everything is very clean, I was pleasantly…

  • Randall RS 125 CX

    Randall RS 125 CX - ben ito's review


    I used this firm for about six months, a particular feature is to have a 15 inch cabinet shuffled with two 12 inch speakers. The speakers are Eminent legend. These are good HP, this cabinet is available with vintage 30 celestion aficionados. …

  • Marshall 1990 Lead Speaker Unit

    Marshall 1990 Lead Speaker Unit - tipoune33's review


    That is 10 years since I invested 1000frs (150) ... yes yes 150! in this beautiful cabinet Marshall on sale in a little shop lost Havre ... it just lacked the Marshall logo on the middle .... Briefly, a jewel ... G12M 4x 20Watts into 15 ohms T…

  • Evan 3x10 Open Back Cabinet

    Evan 3x10 Open Back Cabinet - manorhead's review


    3 hp 10 inch 30w (the head is a clone of VT30) I bought it recently with the head of the same brand. I like the sound at low volume which is highly crystalline. serious enough to sound saturated but I dare not push the volume with these because…

  • Trace Elliot SC-312

    Trace Elliot SC-312 - guilbut's review


    Baffle trs trs often! Hps 3x12 with Vintage 30. (Customs to 16 Ohm total) The 3 Hps radiate sound 120 degrees, allowing to hear the guitar in all directions! …

  • Trace Elliot SC-312P

    Trace Elliot SC-312P - guilbut's review


    Baffle very very rare! Hps 3x12 with Vintage 30. (Customs to 16 Ohm total) The 3 Hps radiate sound in 120 degrees allowing to hear the bass in all directions! SOUNDS The sound is clear and accurate throughout the spectrum. OVERALL OPINION…

  • Isp Technologies Vector SL

    Isp Technologies Vector SL - Pucelle_Dabidjan's review


    I use this cab for a few months. Briefly describe this cab is difficult to be objective. Let's start with the characteristics: cab 1x15 " hp Eminence Legend 15 " active speaker 600w rms (with special principle) The principle of the ISP is…

  • Brunetti Neo 1512

    Brunetti Neo 1512 - levraicisco's review


    - What is the particular feature you like best and least? The cabinet, in itself, is trs particular: a hp 12 "Celestion V30 and a 15" Jenssen. At first glance, odd. The box is bigger, than my Marshall 1960. It is divided into 2 parts, that of …

  • Peavey Futura 12" Enclosure

    Peavey Futura 12" Enclosure - Old Rider's review


    I use these speakers with a 2x80W power amp Marshall 8008, a 21 band equalizer Boss GE21 and a Boss Metal Zone pedals, and a Jackson guitar. This set gives something extremely powerful, with low bounce-free, trs trs clear and sharp, even in the hi…