Rivera K312 Power Sub
Rivera K312 Power Sub

K312 Power Sub, Other Guitar Cabinet from Rivera.

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eugenoel 01/07/2010

Rivera K312 Power Sub : eugenoel's user review


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I use it for 2 years. I tried a score of front baffle to crack before that obviousness: it's the best speaker in the world! by far! It comprises a formwork solid birch finland (it's heavy !!!), with 2 Celestion Vintage 30 "made in england" (true, so ...) and a sub bass 1 Hp JBL assets to enhance the low end ct which passes the totality of the other speakers.
Low breath away! is your bass player who does not say thank you!!
for the metal, it's a killer!! compress the sound is rich, powerful, dynamic!! clean sound is also deadly to play all the bass well stye Requiring presents jazz, soul, R'n'B, funk. in a mix, it helps to fill full of "holes" between them and low and medium rather give effect "massive" to the sound of your group. by purchasing this cabinet is not only the sound of your guitar you magnify, but also (surtout. ..?) your group sound. the whole format of 4x12 (a little less imposing than a standard size cabinet, which is good practice: heavy, but somewhat cumbersome).
it works wonderfully well with the head sr bonehead Lukather of m ^ me make, but I also tried with several other heads (Mesa, VHT, marshall, fender, engl, and Soldano Bogner) ... and sounds!, all are suddenly provided with spectral tonality and harmonic non DCEL far.
only problem ... and size ... the price ... Does he never distributed in France and was worth $ 2,700 in 2002.
if you find one, throw you over because he did t product that tens of copies ...
for me is the one and nothing else!