Vox amPlug Cabinet
Vox amPlug Cabinet

amPlug Cabinet, Other Guitar Cabinet from Vox in the amPlug series.

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riffeur 01/07/2011

Vox amPlug Cabinet : riffeur's user review

«  Running in stand alone! Yeehaa! »

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Vox amPlug firm

Amplified speaker
HP Original VOX 3 "x 1
Output Power: 0.7W
9v battery included can be fed by transformer 9v
1 input jack (on top of HP) to connect amPlug
1 input jack for instrument
A stereo mini jack for connecting to the headphone output of the amPlug (or any effect pedal)

actually jack in the 2 (amPlug guitar in and in) act like a jack adaptatur female / female for connecting the guitar to the amPlug the only true in is the mini-stereo jack.

Link to vox:
The main interest of the test lies in the fact that we can use the beast amPlug FREE!

I have version "metal" from the amPlug with my guitars granted BeadF # b (sta 5 notes say more serious than a normal guitar), it rocks serious steak!
Marshmall I have a cell that "crackling" when I direct plays in the bass (even in its clear) attention, I do not compare the sounds of the amPlug and marshmall (at the edge could possibly compare 'amPlug "classic rock" and marshmall) just render the baffle.
Basically the marshmall do not cash at all serious cash on the Vox pretty well, you still have to avoid the big "palm mute" on the B string, do not exaggerate either heing!?

The thing most important test:
It can be used to STAND ALONE! Thing that the guys of Vox are careful to say (we wonder why they would sell more!).

The ashtuche plugger is a jack, any, even one who is dead or just a jack without cable to the guitar, actually what Jack used to put the HP way (LED lights)
It is not clear enough? Take a jack, plug in the "guitar in" the other side of the jack, you leave it where it is, unless it is in your hands ...
Then get an adapter mini jack / jack and plug the jack coming out of HP (in fact there between, is a in) adapter (allow a little long) and then in the last pedal in your rig , or only if you do that, the guitar pedal in your 1st and presto! Guingamp forward! You can play with all your effects without leaving the amp and 4x12 HP, you got a good sound without making the neighbors crazy, woman, children, parents, roommates ...

1st attempt: plugged into the headphone output of my delay, it works daïrect, strobon!
2nd attempt connected to the output R of the last pedal in my rig, raaargh it kills, its clear the sound is clear! The HP does not blur even with distortion and overdrive engaged, moooooorteeeeeel is what I needed for zonmé to send bacon without to benefit the whole district, or to repeat them without a drummer and a cushy bassist reasonable.
Turn down the volume of your pedals.
let's go Mozar false heart!!

in fact, I think, it should certainly be able to play with amPlug and effects between the guitar and the HP ...

I just order a 2nd to enjoy my stereo rig!