Carl Martin Plexi Tone
Carl Martin Plexi Tone

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James...'s review"Marshall in a box"

Carl Martin Plexi Tone
What we have here is an overdrive box with three settings. You have a clean boost, an overdrive, and a high gain channel. Traditionally I'm not a fan of these kinds of pedals because you usually get one good channel and 2 meh ones. The layout is simple enough. Tone, level, and controls for the three channels gain levels. It's a large footprint but considering what you get it's no big deal. It's supposed to be all your marshall tones in a box plus your clean boost feature.


Carl Martin effects are consistently pretty great for the price. The build quality is the highlight though. Handmade in Denmark... Can't beat it. Honestly this isn't a very difficult pedal to figure out how to use. It's a trial and error thing dialing in settings and like most overdrive pedals you have to find the sweet spots.


I am very very picky about my overdrive pedals. I've tried most of the ones out there at all price ranges. For the most part I think you get what you pay for with some exceptions. These multi-drive pedals like the plexi tone are typically not too impressive even when they are boutiquey. Carl Martin is what I consider the tip of the boutique iceberg. But this pedal is pretty darn good. Most overdrive pedals falter due to tone issues. They always either sound too thin (TS9) or too muddy (digitech anything). The only really good pedals I've found for the most part are the hand wired upper end single switch pedals. But this Plexi Tone is one of the few stand outs in its price range. The tone control has a wide enough usable range that you can actually dial in a good eq. The high gain channel is admittedly a bit much sometimes and can sound bad at high settings, so be careful. The clean boost and overdrive channel though are really great. They do have a marshally flavor and remind me of the catalinbread DLS.


The value is the real deal maker for this pedal. It's not the best of its kind out there but for the price you are getting a great clean boost and a pretty darn good overdrive in one pedal. A lot of players could buy this and be done for finding an overdrive. It's really that useful and buys your amp another 2 or three channels. A lot of people use the high gain channel as a jumper for the regular channel. I kind of pretend it isn't there but I don't use it for high gain so...

iamqman's review"Very authentic!"

Carl Martin Plexi Tone
This pedal is immediately impressive. One of the only pedals that actually sound like an amp than a distortion pedal. This pedal works fantastically through a Fender clean amp or a Marshall JCM 800 on the clean side. It really drives your amp into a solid sounding plexi tone fit for just about any style of music.


Power consumption:
S/N ratio:
Input impedance:
Output impedance:
Gain max::
Boost max:
Weight: 100 or 115 or 230 VAC 50-60Hz
2,3 Watts
56 dB
1M Ohm
200 Ohm
186(D) 120(W) 55(H)


I have to first say that I am not a pedal type player. I don't particulaly care for distortion pedals of any kind. There are some exceptions but most of them sound thin and tinty to me. This pedal has a real plexi character to it that can fool most tube amp distortion users.

Try this pedal out on from a nice Fender Bassman or a Marshall PLexi or JCM 800 on the clean side and punch in this pedal for some sweet low volume distortion tones. The high gain switch really sound fantastic! Then click to the far left and get the boost going for some lead parts or fills that you want to stand out.


This has gotten me thinking how well and highly used this pedal has become for so many players. At new these pedals come in at around $260 which isn't bad for a triple pedal. You have a crunch option then a high gain option then click on the boost for lead and soloing.

I highly recommend this pedal for any guitar player who needs a good plexi distortion pedal that sounds very authentic.

nickname009's review"the only ACTUAL plexi in a box!!"

Carl Martin Plexi Tone

12VAC Power with hardwired power cable
3 Modes: Boost, High Gain, Crunch
Settings: Boost knob, Level Knob, Tone, High Gain, and Crunch.
Switches: Boost, Select, Drive

This is basically a distortion/high gain pedal geared towards a vintage marshall plexi-like tone with an additional boost, analog design and very very cool and usable features.


This is very easy to use, most pedals usually are unless they're of the new digital programmable types with many different features etc. The boost is controlled by it's own self-titled knob, same with the high gain and crunch modes. The tone is universal and the level is an overall level shared by the two high gain and crunch modes.

Both crunch and high gain modes are seperate, meaning they cannot be used together, however the boost mode can be engaged with either modes.

The drive switch is the bypass/select switch, which enables the pedal to turn on or off. The select switch is used to switch between crunch mode and high gain mode. While the boost switch is to enable the boost feature.



This is the best part! This is one of the rare pedals that actually SOUND like like an amp. Yes I know, a lot of effects manufacturers have advertised this with nearly every single pedal they offer. But I'm telling you, this one is NOT faking it! It faithfully reproduces what I recall a vintage high gain marshall to sound like, it has bite, clarity and is still thick. There's also a slight bit of what I like to call 'twang' that is inherent in plexis.

It even has the noise that comes with boosted/cranked plexis, which is a bit of an annoyance but can be tamed depending on how you use it. The gain is very nice, it can be cranked full out and it won't get muddy, rather it will just get more and more aggressive and add noise (which is normal). I've plugged this pedal in a VHT pitbull head with a deliverance cab, as well as a koch studiotone combo and even a hot rod deluxe and blues junior. The tone of this pedal, stays true within all these amps and is great! The tone knob needs to be adjusted according to each amp you play through of course.

The boost function is also great, though it's more of a clean boost adding more volume it also adds allows more harmonic content to come out.

I've even hooked this up to a fender 25 watt solidstate amp and got it sounding pretty decent, with the tone nearly rolled to 0 since the SS amp was so brittle sounding.


GREAT pedal! Nails the marshall plexi sound right on the button! The boost addition is great for clean boosts or adding a different texture to the other modes. The overall sound is great, wide open and present. Very amp-like and clear!

I've recently heard Pete Thorn has a very nice youtube review of this pedal. So you can hear great ways of using this pedal and how it sounds. This is one of those pedals I would use if I were stuck with some clean tube amp as it sounds best through a tube amp and not so much a solidstate amp. But it's now one of my go-to pedals for high gain marshall sounds! This is a keeper, definitely!

laulec's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Read if you still have doubts!"

Carl Martin Plexi Tone
I used the Standard with nearly 22, a strat US in a fender hot rod
I had had a first that I plugged into a blues junior c was already very well but its not quite round on stage
I imagine not even in a twin reverb!


taking obvious hand
no prog


in hotrod j therefore have a clear sound (a real one!), clear + boost, a crunch, crunch + boost, a distortion, a distortion + boost
it's been already 6 channels and more quality is amazing
I've had amps and distortion pedals but the frankly say: the Plexitone is a hard drug.
c is a resumé of 70 years has nowadays pink floyd has anthrax or metallica
fans of acdc or red hot will find the priceless treasure. ca really, one has the impression of being pushed to marshall
I mean of course the fender that has a very good sound clear and thus magnifies the sound.
the only slight defect that is attributed to him in the general c is very acute presents but it's not true with the hot rod which is very round and can accept that we lower his (acute)


I have a powerball with our cabinet and next to v30 for some other more modern metal things
but frankly I rest knee before this pedal plugged into a hotrod that's a start amp range.
c is very musical actually
manufacturing quality is huge, unbreakable
a great value for the future is certain c.
are things that it's hard to explain eh! ca buy eyes closed!
has put in all your pedalboard rather than buying pedals that are worth a crazy price with a single sound (Full. ..)
Phi lou 103/23/2013

Phi lou 1's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A very good pedal"

Carl Martin Plexi Tone
Type distortion pedal Marshall Plexi and JCM800 with a boost 20db
Controls: Boost - Level - Tone - Gain - Crunch
Audio connectors: in out


Very simple to use, plug (on a clear channel of the amp) and it sounds.


Saturations are very realistic, the grain Marshall. It takes a little place in the pedalboard ... I most often use my Fender Telecaster Customshop of USA (Di Marzio humbuckers) on a Line6 Spider Valve MKII 212. I also have a compressor pedal Karl Martin.


I use it for about 6 months. I have other pedals saturation (Ibanez TS9/BossMT2). I tried it in store and adopted. It is not given but for the record, there's nothing to say.

KirKill's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" yes but ..."

Carl Martin Plexi Tone
all is said in the previous comments
Emulating an overdrive pedal, overdrive channel types Marshall (JCM 800, JTM ...) handmade in Denmark
Little more need not alim on this pedal, it is equipped with its cable




it sends my stuff is very versatile was the channel that offers a well-muscled and the overdrive channel 2 which starts a step up, the boost I used it ever
I compared it with the Blackstar, Radial, Amt is frankly not the terrible Carl Martin is well above the rest
I used it on a Les Paul and a Trad Slash, looking back I thought it delivered a lot of bass, the sound is heavy, it is loaded even be too little, the grain seems to have compressed them a JCM 800 4010 the sound is not at all true, I think it's more his type JTM, Plexi ...


At one time there was very little choice on what kind of quality of the pedal Carl Martin seemed an obvious choice for fans of his marshalliennne, today there are quite Wampler brand as I find it excellent (and plextortion plexidrive )
Pedal and resold since I do not elect would do since I switched to Wampler

aurelman's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" plexi tone"

Carl Martin Plexi Tone
pedal Overd 2 channels and a boost
a tone
one volume per channel
a general volume
one volume for the boost

generate power by internal (no transformer)


very simple


I had a fender lamp and I want to see an overdrive distortion marshall tip
This pedal has done! is not the marshall sound but are very beautiful, she is very polivalente are with tone, and the boost is very useful at any time (you can use it all the time) there is a lack of some its when all is thoroughly ... boost and we hear you!

the overdrive is progressive with the volume of the guitar (very good)


very good pedal

it is the small to the large overdrive distortion that dechirre all!
but it is always good

very effectively

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" a must"

Carl Martin Plexi Tone
2 + overdrive a boost
- 2 knobs to adjust levels of each overdrive channel, 1 volume
- A tone knob,
- Boost the volume drunk
- 3 switches

transformer is integrated in the pedal, we must plug into the 220V


very classic use


the best pedal I've tried / use. While the sound of rock / hard rock of the 80s!
On the 1st overdrive, the sound is really very transparent, dynamic. Saturation happens fairly quickly though. All this is very rock.
The second channel, it is raiment in hard rock. It sends more saturation and lower than the first channel ....

There was only one goal with this pedal: volume up, put your fingers on the fretboard, and your ears ...


I use it for several months. If I could keep only one, it would be this.
on the other hand, do not expect to do with metal. Append him while another pedal to make it!

iggy25's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Carl Martin Plexi Tone
The pedal is fairly complete (boost + distortion + big crunch)
Small flat on corecteur tone that does not serve to create a different but to coriger high frequencies. Indeed, as the name implies, it emulates the sound marshall and serves in any way to generate various distortion.
The advantage is that we do not take the head 15 years.


I play telecaster american series with a fitted with Kinman broadcaster and a 4-position switch that allows me to have the pickups in series (loosely equivalent to a humbucker)
I send all in one and I use a Fender Vibrolux Tubescreamer upstream to boost the mids and one for the light blues.
The plexitone full well the picture. A big crunch a high gain distortion for large parts of savage rock and boost (which goes "too" fast in the turns) out of the mix in the solos. What more ??....


There, I admit they have done very Carl Martin. I do not know if it's the hair cell plexi (not like stock) but no problem it's the old marshall sound that made me discover and love hard rock and other music when I was sweet teen (it starts to date!)
Awesome!! The inflections of the pedal according to the attack and the volume of the scratches left me in a state school. My Fender amp, the clean sound I love so much, is transformed into an old Marshall and switch the foot that's integral.
The boost is nickel: neutral (Exess) powerful


Apart from the limited opportunities offered sound sound explorations we propose the plexi tone is legendary and is sufficient in itself.
The price a bit pricey (+ 200th of new) at first, but good buying a pedal for crunch, one for distortion and a spicy boost would not make the note less salty so we will not be the miser.

dany46's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Carl Martin Plexi Tone
Super easy to use, solid, and no need lgre power is dedant


I am convinced that a utilistaeur plexitone for several years, the only minor snag (for me) with the pedals is power!
What to do when you do not want to play with or without, but keeping the same volume level?
It make you put the mini-LEVEL at minimum!
If qq has the solution I'm interested.


The lightweight grain trs big sound everything is perfect with any type of microphone


The top quality prices